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How to Cook Perfect Lentils in a Rice Cooker


[UltraVid id=328 ]hello I hope everybody out there is having a wonderful day so today I’m going to show you how to cook the perfect lentils and my secret is that I use my rice cooker so as you can see in these smaller containers I have my lentils but it’s going to be about the equivalent of one cup and to give it a boost of flavor we’re going to season this well so we’re going to add some sea salt some pepper I chopped up onions I have my bay leaves I have my diced tomatoes my garlic and for some color I have my baby carrots now if you’ve never purchased lentils before they’re found in the grocery store on the same Alice beans and peas I’m going to be cooking green lentils today and for those of you who are interested I’m going to flip it over on the back and let you see the nutritional information so 1/4 of a cup is equivalent of 140 calories 1 gram of fat that’s about 5 milligrams of sodium 280 milligrams of potassium 30 grams of carbohydrate 10 grams of fiber no sugar and 11 grams of protein wonderful now if you don’t have a rice cooker don’t panic it has the basic instructions on the back it tells you how to wash and soak them and how to cook them but we’re using rice cooker so we’re going to move right along I’ve already rinsed and drained my lentils and I let them hang out for about five minutes just to make sure that I get all of the water out of them and then if you have any loose stones and there you can kind of pull them out so I have my rice cooker ready and I’m starting to add my lentils as you can see this is like I said about a cup of lentils and then we’re ready to start adding our ingredients so I’m going to start off with my garlic here and I like to buy the minced garlic in the jar it’s just easy it comes out perfect every time but hey if you want to use fresh garlic that’s fine next up we’re going to add our carrots now like I said I’m just adding the carrots for the sake of color but you can skip this step I had them on hand and I didn’t want them to go to waste I figured hey let’s add them to my lentils the next ingredient that I’m going to add are my diced tomatoes again I had some diced tomatoes on hand and I just wanted to here is a nice flavor and gives it beautiful color and then I’m going to add in my onions so I am czar hit-or-miss with a lot of people either you really like them or you really don’t like them I absolutely look absolutely love onions so they’re going in and then the bay leaves now the important thing about the bay leaves to remember is that you don’t eat it so you want to remember to remove the bay leaf once you’re done with that I’m going to sprinkle on my salt add a little bit of yeah that’s my sea salt and then I’m going to add my pepper and once I have my pepper we are ready to add the water now I’m going to tell you with me I do 1 cup of lentils for 3 cups of water I always do 1 to 3 ratio so if you’re going to do 2 to 6 that’s fine but for the sake of this video this is 1 2 3 comes out perfect every single time so I’m going to go grab my lid for my rice cooker and we are ready to get cooking here so let me get my lid I’m going to go ahead and turn my rice cooker and let me make sure this is the right lid because this doesn’t fit properly ok yeah that’s the right lid so as you can see fast forward I just wanted to let you see how it was cooking nicely so the lentils like I said will cook in the rice cooker perfectly every time you can try to cook them on the stovetop I’ve never tried to cook them on the stovetop because I just cooked so many things in my rice cooker one day I decided to try the lentils and they came out perfectly and I’ve never tried it any other way since so what’s the rice cooker it’s done cooking the lentils I’m going to take this lid off and let you have a sample now to go with my lentils I have some tilapia and some rice and it looks like they are now done look at that they are beautiful oh my god it smells amazing now I have my rice match Alafia and I’m going to take a nice heaping spoonful oh my gosh and just sprinkle this over my rice is a nice healthy meal you can see the garlic you can see the tomatoes and see the carrots and I gotta remember to take out the bay leaves so you’re going to pull those out and toss them and there you have it so thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video take care give it a thumbs up

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