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Welcome to Urban Farmers Kitchen! My name is Riese My name is Summer

Before we begin, please subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! And if you see an Ad on any of our videos, please don't skip it watch it with all your heart! (Heartbeat sounds) In this episode we will cook Gourmet Popcorn from Easy Pop Popcorn! Pop pop pop! Easy Pop Popcorn has superior popability Halal certified! And perfect for our movie night! Yaaaaay! On a large heated pan put cooking oil enough to cover the base of the pan Add Ideal Easy Pop Popcorn Switch to low heat and cover the pan When the corn starts popping gently shake the pan until popping stops

(popping sounds) Turn off heat Pour popcorn in a large container Add salt, butter or any flavor you like Our popcorn for the movie night is ready! Thank you for watching See you guys next time

Bye! Bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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