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How to cook plantain fritters



Hello guys, welcome to my channel Today we're going to talk about how to cook plantain

This is a super easy recipe that you'll definitely want to come back to time and time again In my home country, in the Ivory Coast, we eat a lot of plantain We call it alloco You probably didn't know that plantain is a superfood It's very nutritious, it's good for your digestive health and rich in antioxidants

Let's get started! For the recipe you will need plantain, 400ml sunflower oil, a little nutmeg for perfume, salt, pepper and one stock cube, one chopped white onion, half a chopped garlic, a spoon of chopped ginger First you need to peel the plantain Cut the plantain right down the middle and slice it into pieces Add the onion, add the garlic, add the ginger Grate the nutmeg

Add the salt, the pepper and the stock cube Mix everything Add the oil to the pan When the pan is hot drop in the plantain Remember to turn the plantain

After 10-15 minutes the plantain will be a golden colour So you can remove it from your pan You can serve the dish with boiled eggs, fried fish, fried chicken or baked chicken Voila! It's ready Bon appetit! Hope you enjoyed today's recipes guys and don't forget to subscribe to the channel and leave your comment below

Bye for now!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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