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How To Cook Pork SISIG | Pork Sisig Recipe | KAPAMPANGAN STYLE Official Video



In this episode we will give a tribute to the culinary capital of Phillipines, Pampanga! We will cook Pork Sisig! Yey! Welcome to Urban Farmers Kitchen! My name is Riese My name is Summer

Before we begin, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! And if you see an ad on any of our videos, please don't skip it watch it with all your heart! (Heartbeat sound) Sisig came from Pampanga It has many recipe variations from family to family and from city to city But one thing you need to remember is, an authentic Sisig Kapampangan has no eggs and mayonnaise! Now let's start cookin'! Wash your hands make sure they're clean! Yey! The ingredients are boiled grilled and diced pork face mask and boiled grilled and diced chicken liver, diced white onions, chopped garlic, soy sauce, calamansi juice and pork brain and green chili if you want Oil, salt, pepper! Ate, how do you cook Sisig? Traditionally, preparing Sisig comes in three phases Boiling

To clean and make the meat tender Grilling To char the meat and to remove excess fats Saute To combine all the remaining ingredients

Once prepared, let's combine all the ingredients together First, this chicken liver Weee! Next, our garlic Our white onions Our pork brain Calamansi juice and soy sauce

Not all of it, just half Salt and pepper And mix! Once all of the ingredients are mixed we're ready to saute on a heated pan with oil (Sizzling sounds) Wow, yey! Wow!!!! Ohh, that's pretty Ate, I'm hungry

Ok, can you please hold this? Turn off this Ok, borrow There's our Pork Sisig Let's try it Mmmm, it's very yummy! Summer, try it

Blow it first It's very hot Mmmmm! Ok See you guys next time Bye!

Source: Youtube

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