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How to Cook Potatoes the Right Way || A Little Help



(upbeat electronic music) – Hi, I'm Spuds MacKenzie (laughing) Hello, and welcome, my friends, to A Little Help

Everyone needs a little help now and then Today, we're gonna talk potatoes They're cheap, they're filling, they're delicious, and they're also easy to mess up Are your mashed potatoes too gluey? Are your baked potatoes lacking that certain fluffiness you want? What about your french fries, are they mushy and soft? I'm gonna walk you through your three favorite ways to make foolproof potatoes, let's (beep) go I'm gonna start with mashed potatoes or, as I called them when I was a child, smashies

I forgot I wrote this (laughing) You do? Comment below what you guys call spuds I'm gonna start with mashed potatoes, okay? For the best mashed potatoes, I like to use Yukon Gold potatoes They make a really nice, creamy, velvety mashed potato (crunching potato) I told you, I love Yukon Gold potatoes

So what we have here is a pot of water We start with cold water, then we add our Yukon Gold potatoes, we add our salt, and then we're gonna bring the pot of water up to a boil It's probably gonna take you, like, 30 minutes until your potatoes are ready to go That's it Okay, so our potatoes are boiled, they're ready to be mashed

Now, when you go to make mashed potatoes and you get gluey, sticky, runny mashed potatoes, it's probably because you're reaching for a potato masher I say get rid of that guy and reach for a ricer If you use a ricer when you're making mashed potatoes, you're gonna get fluffy, delicious mashed potatoes every time Our boiled potatoes have all gone through the ricer, so now they're ready to mix with our butter I have about two cups of equal parts cream and whole milk, and of course salt and pepper

So, remember, we wanna be super delicate here We don't wanna over-mix but we wanna make sure that everything is well-incorporated, so let's go Temperature is really important here You want your butter to be at room temperature, you want your potatoes to still be hot, you also want your cream and milk to be simmered so that's also warm, that way everything gets incorporated into the potatoes evenly As you can see, our milk and cream is incorporated, so is our butter and we have fluffy, non-gluey mashed potatoes

So I'm gonna plate these up and then we're ready to go Okay, potato number two, the baked potato These are supposed to be easy, right? You just throw 'em in the oven and wait, like, an hour and they're done, right? Kind of If you want a true baked potato that's flaky on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, there's just a little, tiny bit more work that goes into it My first tip, skip the aluminum foil because trapping all that heat in there is gonna steam your spud and leave you with a soggy, wet skin

Ew Instead, let them breathe Poke some holes in them with a fork and rub them down with oil, salt, and pepper Place them in the oven and bake them until you feel that they're soft on the inside by giving them a little squeeze Remove them from the oven, let them cool slightly until they're cool enough to handle, and gently squeeze them, breaking down the inside without breaking the skin

The idea is you're breaking down all of the inside to make it fluffy on the inside, like a mashed potato, but then keeping the outside intact This makes for the fluffiest baked potato you've ever had Next, just load them with whatever your little heart desires and serve them Do you keep trying to make french fries at home, but they come out mushy and gross? Well, by just adding one more little step to your process, you can get amazing, crispy, restaurant-quality fries every single time The secret is blanching, which basically means we're gonna cook them two times

So here I have my potatoes, which I've cut into fries, and they've been soaking in water for about half an hour, but you could even soak them overnight if you want First step is I'm going to dry them thoroughly Once they've dried, I'm gonna submerge them into the oil, which is currently at 250 degrees After just a few minutes, I'm gonna pull them and let them cool Once they're cool, we're gonna turn the heat up on our oil to 350 degrees and we'll put our french fries back in for one last swim in the oil

Once they're golden brown, we'll take them out, hit them with a little bit of salt, and they're ready to serve And we are done, three different kinds of perfect potatoes See, all you needed was a little help Oh, that's a good french fry (upbeat electronic music) Thanks so much for watching

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