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This is Pamela Riemenschneider, I'm the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services and this is Produce with Pamela And again I have my friend Heather here and we're going to talk about pumpkins

It's mid-November now or early November and I'm sure that every grocery store in America is like if they haven't already set their pumpkins to the foodbank they have bin of pumpkin somewhere going what are we going to do with these? And you know the internet SAYS you can eat 'em, and actually Four seasons Produce has a really great chart of which pumpkinsthese funky pumpkins that you can actually eat which I sent that Heather last year And she was super grateful because you know it's a handy guideline because no matter how much your super crunchy friend tells you you can, you do not want to eat a jack-o-lantern No Have you tried eating a jack-o-lantern? I think they've tried one time and they're so bland like there's no amount of seasoning is going to make it taste like pumpkin it's going to be just like mushy cinnamon

Mushy stringy Yeah stringy so much water Yeah yeah Somebody told me that you can actually like hollow it out and bake stuff in it and you know it's not even worth it No not worth it at all

So the pumpkins that I have cooked with before are sugar pumpkin pie ones that are like shaped like this I think we think we've got one over here one teeny tiny ones up there, but now over the last couple of years all of the stores have been having these like crazy wacky pumpkins but they sell them as decorative Yeah they sell them as decorative They don't tell anyone At H-E-B yesterday I was really surprised they still had pumpkins

Every year before that, they've always been out by now Like after Halloween, they would like get rid of them But yesterday they still had sugar pumpkins which is good for Thanksgiving and stuff, but they also had these guys in next to it and they were 79 cents a pound So they're selling it as produce Oh yeah

They're selling them as produce instead of decorative That was I've never seen that before Up until then though they were selling the most decorative They were selling them as Sandra Lee tablescapes Yeah

And no what no one actually does it do they? Do they? So you've cooked these before What did you learn in the first couple of times you tried to cook these? So there are a lot bigger than they look If that makes sense So like you you you get one and you're like oh you know you you're so used to carving the jack-o-lantern pumpkins which are like 90 percent cavity and 10 percent flesh These guys have these super tiny cavities

So if you're harvesting them for seeds which is what I do Yeah not so much It's a waste of energy because you need almost a band saw to get through the skin They're so hard to get into OK

The spaghetti squash has nothing on these pumpkins and they're a lot heavier than you would think they would be And you end up with so much more pumpkin than you would have ever thought you would've had This is like 10 pounds Yeah And so if I were to can this it it would probably be 10 quarts of cubed pumpkin

So I've got some tools to see how we can get into this pumpkin And one would think you could just take your chef knife and you know cut right into it, because sure could do that with a carving pumpkin Right So it's going to to break Yeah I'm going to, first of all lose my thumb, and second of all

Yeah You can hear it snapping already Yeah All right This is dangerous

What not to do what not to do Here's my other tool When I actually cut watermelons I use my bread knife That makes sense because cutting through

Yeah Yeah I know already This is a hard no So I've also been working in my in my room to try to see let's see if a chisel and a little hammer will get us into this pumpkin just to show you guys What kind is this? Is this one is this Cinderella

I think this is a fairytale (NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE) Let me find that chart Pull it up and see OK This was a great idea

So they ppop and so I generally do is I get halfway around them and then I start on the second side and I try and split it OK So I go try and get halfway cut and then I used force to just kind of break it open (NOISE NOISE NOISE) There's just so much to break It's hardrd To get open and almost not worth it

You can start baking a little bit to soften them up I personally don't like doing that because then they might get too soft for canning because you don't have a can a puree It's not safe to can puree You need to keep it as cubes So I think the bottom line on this is that you really have to like pumpkin to be willing to

or be super cheap Once we get in here how the heck do we get the skin off? I use a potato peeler OK

Yeah but I like I usually I get it like this and I get it mostly like that Sometimes I'll try to quarter it or eigth it and I'm really persistent and I have apparently too much time on my hand for canning And see the cavity is not nearly as big as you would think So take a look there

This is what it looks like Tons of flesh Smells really good Yeah it does I just like cucumbers

It actually smells really good So the top of this was starting it little squishy right I think it's just darkening Yeah This one's not

This one was getting a little squishy I grew this Oh it's just old I think it's dessecating a little bit But it's really hard to get open But they're actually not as hard to peel

I think it's just the hardness of the whole flesh but the like I just use a potato peeler and just peel off the rind Kind of like a butternut squash Yeah yeah And so it's not so bad And then I just get a workout and I dice up and then they went great

Like I can stick in an Instant Pot like this if you want And it comes right off the peel You can just stick this in an Instant Pot? How long would you there for? Probably like 20 minutes OK we'll do that and we'll be back So we're pretty much done here

Well it still weighs a ton So come in closer Let's see So it's not completely mush but if you let it cool off we could scoop this out And then after that you puree it to make it into pumpkin pie pumpkin soup pumpkin something

Those are the only two I know of? Roasted pumpkin instead of butternut squash roasted pumpkin But wouldn't you roast from whole? Maybe slice it? Sautee at this point so you can put some herbs and butter Sounds Like a job that's going to have to all require a lot of bacon to make it tasty Yes

Yes Lots of Pig butter Yeah so There's what you can do Come on back up here

Yes you can eat The pumpkins that you find Oh my gosh At the store, but man it's not easy And you've got to be really dedicated to it

So this was another episode of Produce with Pamela for Blue Book

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