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in today's skills video I'm going to show you how to cook quinoa into lovely nice fluffy pieces first of all you get your quinoa and you pop it into a saucepan this is a really simple method to cook it, you don't need to worry too much about measuring we're going to cover it well in water we will be rinsing it afterward and we're going to pop that on and leave it to simmer for about 12 minutes So the quinoa has now been simmering for about 12 minutes you can see it starting to sprout little tails and there's a tiny little dot still left in the center now we're going to rinse it and dry it off so now we've rinsed all of the quinoa really well in cold water get rid of the excess water and then we're going to dry it on the worktop the trick to this is using lots of kitchen paper so you're going to tap the strainer on to the kitchen paper l until it is dry so there you have nice fluffy quinoa that you can add lots of things to make a delicious salad with thanks for watching, don't forget to subscribe please leave your comments below why not check out some other skills videos like making kefir ice pops or recipes like making omelette thanks for watching see you soon

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