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How to Cook Quinoa | The Hungry Health Coach Episode 53



hello everybody my name is Alexandra Napoli welcome to health by Napoli where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what we are working with today is quinoa water that's it I'm just gonna show you a really quick easy way to make perfect quinoa every single time it's dead simple anyone can do it okay so first you need your quinoa I really love this brand from true roots organic because it's organic and it's pre-washed so if you buy quinoa just regularly from the store you're gonna want to rinse it out with water and a sieve make sure that everything is nice and clean but because this is pre-washed we don't have to worry about that one less step so the ratio for quinoa just like any other grain is two parts water one part quinoa so I'm gonna put one cup of water into my pot and bring it to a boil I don't know how much this is this is probably a half a cup when it starts to boil uck it when it starts to boil then we will add the quinoa of course you can scale this recipe up or down if you're just making it for one person well even when I just make it for one person I like to make a bunch cuz then I can use it throughout the week but if you're making for like a big party you would just do two cups of water to one cup of quinoa three cups of water it just it doesn't matter the ratio is still two-to-one no matter what fun facts about quinoa it is a complete protein which means that it has all of your amino acids in a plant which is actually kind of hard to find because meat is really the only thing that has all of the amino acid complex built into it so quinoa is a great protein packed vegetarian vegan way to get all of your amino acids let's double check if that's true I was right I knew it I knew it the other really good thing about quinoa is that it has so many nutrients in it so rather than having something like rice which can be kind of nutrient less nutrient free free of nutrients quinoa it's also a great substitute for rice because it's really low on the flavor profile so it can kind of blend in anywhere that you would have rice but it's got way less carbohydrates and way more nutrients so it's much higher in iron and riboflavin and B vitamins so you're getting so much more nutrition for so much less calories it's really hot in here okay our water is boiling so now we just literally add the quinoa on top this is not the way you should be doing it just as a disclaimer okay so I'm gonna put my quinoa into here when I did six of these water so I'm gonna do three of quinoa and then I'm just gonna give it a nice stir so that everything is kind of incorporated into the water and then literally I'm just gonna put it back on the heat and then wait for it to come back up to a boil pressures on okay so it's coming back up to a boil you can see all the bubbles are coming through up the sides and up the middles so I'm gonna turn it all the way down to low and then puts a lid back on it and then I'm not gonna touch it for like 15 minutes so you want to look at it about 12 minutes just to make sure but 15 is usually the sweet spot and then you're done set a timer so don't burn it on camera because that's always embarrassing when that happens another fun fact about quinoa is that I have a bunch of quinoa recipes on my channel so if you want to check those out I have a one-pot Mediterranean quinoa dinner I have quinoa homemade sushi I have a quinoa salad so many delicious quinoa recipes they're so easy to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle and if you make bulk batches of quinoa like I do you can kind of just incorporate it throughout the week adding a little bit to a salad adding it as a side dish to your meal it's super versatile and you're gonna use this all the time time's up all right it's been on low for about 15 minutes and the way that I like to check before I take it off because my lids are clear I kind of just tilt it to the side and see if any of the water is coming out because if you still have water pooling that means it hasn't all absorbed into the grain yet but there's no water pooling here so I take it off and then just with the fork I'm gonna gently kind of like zhuzh it up a little bit mix it around it's looking really good yeah so this is all nice and cooked and now I'm just gonna leave it with the lid off off of the heat just for like a couple of minutes you could eat it right now of course it's gonna be super duper hot but if you leave it for a couple of minutes after it's been fluffed a little bit then it's gonna give that really nice consistent flavor that really nice fluffy texture and it's gonna be so good well it's so hot you need just like me all right guys you cannot tell me that that was not super easy to make quinoa is delicious it's protein packed so healthy and such a great swap for any other grains that you might be making at home if you like this recipe be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you want to see all of the many ways that I use quinoa in my recipes check the links below because I will redirect to how you can use this beautiful delicious grain every single day until next time I hope today's recipes help you transform your health from the inside out it will see you guys soon it's so good just by itself ooh still very hot I love it it's got like a little bit of like a nutty flavor to it but it's still very like I don't wanna say plain cuz it's not plain but it's like a very low flavor that you could add any kind of sauce any kind of dish from breakfast lunch to dinner you can use quinoa everywhere yeah

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