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How To Cook: Rainbow Crepes! |Charismatic Cook



Hi Guys! This is charismatic Cook and today we are going to make crepes they are really really easy and delicious and dear friend Nancy is going to help me today so stick with us and I'll show you how to make these delicious crepes! okay ,ready? Let's go! Nancy: Please can I go first? Please? Patty:No Let me show you how to make one and then you can do the rest of them

Nancy: Okay! Come one ,Guys! Yay! Ok the first thing you have to do it is put some butter Okay Now it's time for me to help Nancy! Wow Nancy you are doing such a good job! Do you want me to help you? Nancy: okay Hey Patty! Patty: What's up? Nancy:Let's go play hide and seek! Patty: Ok okay let's go! Nancy: Get out of here! I see and Elephant, a bear a SquirrelHi squirrel! Nancy:Get out of here! Get out of here! No! No! Nancy: Shoo! Shoo! Patty: Oh There you are! I found you! Whoohoo! Nancy: No that is not fair! That is not Fair! Shoo dog shoo! now you can see guys The crepes are really really easy to make and delicious now make your own! Pick a color ,have fun and use your imagination! Bon Appetit This is delicious because together with the fruit the sugar and the crepe all the flavors they mix together and it's really, really delicious! and as I told you this is a really really easy recipe you can make it for breakfast for lunch and dinner! invite somebody home and make it! Nancy: Hey, Patty! Next time let's go surfing!Woohoo! Nancy:Oh I forgot I don't know how to swim! Oh I can just call Veronica! you

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