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How to cook ramen: a recipe for success



If we can't build a better mousetrap, can we at least build better Ramen noodles? today we find out Hey kids JD here back with another recipe So in and amongst these pressure cooker recipes is something that's supposed to improve ramen noodles and make them better So I thought well, let's give it a try and see what happens So before we get started go ahead hit the subscribe button Also stick around to the end because we end up doing this twice In a pressure cooker, in this order First add one cup of onions

That's approximately 100 grams Put the noodles on top add 1/4 cup of beans 1/4 cup of carrots 1/4 cup of peas now I didn't have beans I just used peas and carrots mix and put in 3/4 of a cup, but you do what's appropriate for you or use Whatever you have Add 1/2 TSP of salt 1 TSP of soy product could be anything could be soybean soy paste Tofu I used a light salt soy sauce Because I've already added some salt to it 1 teaspoon of chili powder 1 teaspoon of tomato sauce then take a quarter cup of water Drizzle it over the top seal the pressure cooker up and cook it on high for 6 minutes Let's go back in time and see how it turned out okay, so don't know if you can see this, but got noodles got a Little bit of veggies, onions, good stuff Ok, so now we just have to see how it turned out It's good, so the question is is it better than regular ramen noodles I Can't necessarily say that it is

The inclusion of the veggies and that are good, but you could add that While you're cooking it is the flavor that much better well, certainly it's Less processed Okay since the Results were not entirely satisfactory with what we did Let's go ahead and try it a different way this time We're gonna cook it more conventionally So we use most of the same ingredients We did alter two things Number one went ahead and used sriracha instead of a chili powder Figuring that the chilli sauce would probably mix a little better and I also added what's called tadka It's an Indian finishing oil and I'll talk about that at some future point So part two noodles cooked the conventional way but using the spices recommended in the recipe Let's see what happens So, what do I think about that? Well, honestly I liked it better when it was cooked in a normal way Number one the noodles are fatter number two When you mix all the ingredients together, then they permeate more evenly one of the things I don't know if I was too fond of was the fact that you get a Little bit of this here and a little bit of that there and a little bit of thing there But there was really no consistency to it whereas with this because you have the water in there because you have all the ingredients you get a consistent kind of flavor out of it and This is not some kind of precious special dish to where you might want little bits of that

I mean, it's friggin noodles What do you want? More water, and therefore more of the flavors were absorbed into the noodles themselves, which is good basically, I don't See a reason to do the pressure cooking I mean with the pressure cooking you also have to worry – you have to play with it enough times to where you know when it's Cooked properly or whether it's overcooked or whether it's undercooked better just to be able to control the process upfront so overall, I think if you use that mix of methods Use the boiling method on the package use the spices and that here and it's a winner flatout and the tadka definitely improved the flavor It wasn't over the top You weren't tasting like crazy amounts of coconut or anything, but you were getting some cumin in there Which I think improves the flavor quite a bit as well Okay, so that's it for this video Go ahead hit that subscribe button If you liked the video hit the like

if you didn't like it, go ahead and hit the like anyway show What a great human being that you are Go ahead Leave a comment I'll get back to it as soon as I can Thanks again

See you next time I'm JD and I'm out

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