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How to Cook Ramen AND Soft Boil an Egg When You’re Unexpectedly Single



Hey, YouTube, welcome to Cooking for the Unexpectedly Single for people who are used to cooking for two or not used to cooking much Um, some recipes to–for cooking for yourself

Uh, this one's about ramen and, 'cause ramen's pretty good, but it can be made better and there are lots of ways to do that What you'll want to do is take uh, your 15-cent ramen uh, and throw this away That's–this isn't good And you go to the Asian market and get like something better I like–there are lots of good kinds, but um, you know, look at the pictures

This one, you can tell, has miso and uh, sh–mushrooms This one has uh, a fiery garlic taste, and it's ninja ramen They look pretty good, but this one has–OK this one has pictures We'll do that one Um, and then what I do to make my ramen better is I have some other stuff

I make the ramen like normal, and then I put some other things in it too Um, and egg at the end, uh, I actually will probably do more than that Some of these on th–it at the end also, uh sesame oil is good Some spices like, um like, uh red pepper flakes and some uh seaweed gom–seaweed and sea salt on the top, uh, and then if you–if it tastes crappy, uh you can add extra soy sauce or, um, uh, Tương Ớt Sriracha Alright

Um, OK So, uh, but first we should boil the egg, 'cause uh, that can take a while So you'll need to put your–Oh! I'll teach you how to boil and egg! Um, a hard-boiled egg takes uh 12 minutes all the way, but if you like like a half-boiled egg, you'll want to do maybe 6 minutes I like it about 7/12ths-boiled Um, if you're starting with cold eggs, start with cold water

I'm going to do 4 eggs, 'cause eggs are good for you and nutritious and have protein, and–hold on Let me cover these up [runs water] Just cover your eggs all the way with cold water, and then put it on there and, uh, and then boil them up, um, and then once the water's boiling, put your timer on for whatever amount of minutes you want 12 would be a very hard egg, um, 0 would be a raw egg And so I'll do 6

Um, don't let anybody tell you that they–that you shouldn't uh, eat eggs The connection between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol is tenuous at best: come at me in the comments, if you want Alright, that'll heat u–that get's hotter You'll see Um, OK

Let's read some instructions Boil 500ml (2 cups) of water; add noodles, soup base and flakes Cook for 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, and then remove from heat and serve Alright, pretty straightforward We'll do it a little differently than that, 'cause, um, hmm–OK

Let's get 2 cups of water [searches drawer] uh, if you're–uh if you no longer have a measuring cup, because someone else–because you shared a measuring cup and now you don't have, uh, the p–the person you were sharing it with, you can kind of guesstimate how much a cup is with a m–uh, with a cup, um, uh, with a c–[mutters] Put in some water in pan [runs water]That's approximately 2 cups And then you turn on your burner to "High" to get it boiling That'll take a minute

Boiling is when the water's real bubbly at 212° Fahrenheit or 100° Celsius or Centigrade What I like to do while it's boiling is add a little bit of the um, oil Uh, a little bit of uh, healthy fats can go a long way for flavor and texture and, what some people call (grossly), "mouthfeel" Alright let that warm up Let's open this and see what's in here

I'll tell you what's in here Uh, noodles, uh, ooh! some weird stuff, and some vegetables and other things Best not to look at that Um, this says it has 2 servings, but uh, you can eat both of them if you live alone [struggles] Alright so this is cool: this ramen is a circle instead of a rectangle [laughs]

That's great, it'll go right in pan and come right to the edges Then we got some flakes, flocons, or hojuelas The flakes appear to have f–flakes in it What else is in here? Uh, and then some soup base, base de soupe, and base para sopa So–alright well this is gonna boil up, those are gonna boil up, and then uh–then we'll start putting the things together

So the water's just started to boil, so now I'm gonna set my timer for 6 minutes, [beep] which will make a 6/12ths-boiled egg, which is half–uh, medium-soft-boiled You can uncover it, once it's boiling That'll keep it from boiling over This is boiling, so we can begin the instructions here which, uh, to review: boil the water, add the noodles, the soup base, and the flakes Now I find if you add the noodles first and then pour the soup base and the flakes, you end up–that stuff stays all dry while the noodles cook

So we're gonna disobey the instructions, ouch! Ow! God–and uh, um put the soup base in first it turns the whole water into soup, and then that boil–the noodles make them feel better–taste better ("Feel better?") So that's all in there Flakes OK there were like 2 flakes, um, if you have extra vegetables, I'm all about adding extra veggies

Not those Like frozen veggies maybe? [searches freezer, mutters] That woulda been a good idea, but I don't have any, so just put your thing in and, um Pro Tip: There's usually some stragglers in here

You can cook those too Uh, and then you're done with all the packaging You can dispose of this in an ecologically responsible way, um, or reuse it as a carrying pouch OK, uh, while that's cooking, let's prepare uh, our onions Um, I think about 2 onions is fine, and um, you can't really eat this little bit right here

I don't know You can Ulg! And then you can eat like the whole thing right up 'til you know sometimes they'll be kinda gross at the end, but this one looks pretty good all the way through Um, if you're trying to make it look more uh, aesthetically pleasing, you could cut it kind of at a–at an angle It makes like longer pieces, um, er whatever

So that's what I'll do Oh, when you're cutting, make your fingers into like a claw, so you don't cut off your fingertips And then I find, um, you know about half of this is great for garnish and then you can just throw the other half just in the soup, and then you have two different like textures of–of onion I think scallions is what you'd find in a restaurant, but maybe they're the same thing I don't know

Um, maybe just get all the whites in there, 'cause the green's the top part, garnish thing Yeah leave about that much There's like a minute left on the eggs now, so um, I dunno Stir that a little, yep It's looking good

Smells pretty good And then, um, oh yeah, what you'll want for your eggs is uh, they've trapped a lot of heat now, and so you gotta uh, um, stop them from cooking Otherwise like your 6-minute egg becomes a 7-minute or 8-minute egg So get a um, an ice bath ready ahead of time I shoulda told you guys that first

Sorry Um and then you'll stick the eggs right in there to cool 'em down It's funny: I still have this thing, but I don't have a measuring cup Alright so that thing, when you hit your uh preferred minute mark [beep] yep, just grab your eggs outta here Not with your fingers, use a–use a thing like this

And then check this out: if you go in here too fast, they're gonna crack and explode, so like ease 'em in Kinda like how you get in the tub, you know, like don't put everything in all at once Ease your way in there Yeah, yep, that's looking pretty good Alright, set those puppies in there, and then you can get rid of your um, egg water

Don'–this is–don't drink this I've acciden– Alright, our ramen's pretty close These things are probably safe to grab So I'll teach you a trick for peeling these guys: if you whack the one end and the other end and just kinda pluck off the ends, then, um, then you put–on the ti–on the pointy s-side, kinda like make a ring with your fingers, and then you seal your mouth to this and you blow, and it'll pop right out Watch this

[blows, pop] Well [spits, mutters] fucked that one up Hold on Shit OK, so you pluck the thing off and then you seal up [blows] God damn it Ow! God

Shit Alright that's fine Don't feel bad, you know It's your first time really cooking for one Person

This is looking gross You know what? We won't do the blow thing, we'll just peel it, I guess Um, I think the way that you cook the egg has to do with how easy it is to peel too Like there are different, you know, times when you might add the egg to the water or how you take 'em out That'll affect how easy they are to peel

Um, I think it's how fast you cool them I don't remember I'm not an expert I mean, I'm an expert on cooking for One

Alright, whatever, you really only need to peel one for at first OK Sweet Alright let's get rid of that OK you'r–gross!–you're ramen's done, pretty much

So what you do is um, you probably eat it out of the–like right out of the pan in front of the TV, but for your uh, Instagram photo, you'll want to use a nice bowl that you got from [quavering] Chinatown in San Francisco on your honeymoon And then um, just kinda dish some of this up I boiled up too much of the water Maybe I didn't start with exactly two cups, 'cause I wasn't measuring But whatever, it's gonna be fine

It's gonna be really good Anyway, you get it in here, you know, just a little bit Just for Instagram, you don't want to look like you're gonna eat a to–oh, that's to li–that's not enough Looks like those flakes turned into like chunks of mushrooms OK so then, you know, just jam that in there

Then um, oh yeah Slice your egg And nobody needs to know that you're gonna eat 4 eggs Just put like a half of one in thereAnd then like, I dunno, that

And then this uh, seaweed stuff's pretty good on top Salty and kinda crunchy And there ya go! That's–there ya go! That's uh, ramen uh, that's instant ramen not made the instant way It didn't take long And you have enough for yourself and yourself again

Um, if you liked my recipe or have any thoughts or questions, lemme know in the comments; and if you didn't like it, you can do the same Uh, anyway, like and subscribe Thanks

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