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How to cook Ranawara / රණවරා, ගුණ සපිරි, සුපිරි කෑම



Good & Healthy Day for you ! going to show you a veggie that has a very high medicinal value Cassea Auriculata Dried Rnawara flowers are a famous herbal drink But ranawaa leaves are not heard much So I am showing Ranawara tree today flower, leaves and it all and let's talk how to cook Ranawara Thanking my good friend who gave me the plant I share leave from it among my friends I have some seeds planted and planning to share some plants with my other friends Ranawara is great to reduce diabetes, liver disease, constipation muscle & joint pains, urinary disorders will dry these flowers to make herbal drink making Ranawara greend salad and

Ranawara cooked dish today new leaves for the salad and others to cook wash & dry with salad spinner or use paper towels to dry them Let's make the salad one lime ( for salad & cooking) Coconut 1 cup if you use desiccated coconut, add few tsp of water Red onion 1 Green chillies 4 Salt (for your taste) since it's salad, chop to bigger pieces add half of the chillies add half of the onions add half of the coconut add 1/2 tsp of salt mix well add half of thelime lime improves taste & iron absorption in green veggies Check our super salad believe me, taste is unmatched going to cook Ranawara now use rest of all ingredients and turmeric 1/2 tsp add all except lime Salt 1/2 tsp or less mix well, no water is needed Remember we only slightly cook it cook on low heat or you will destroy all nutrients after about 2 mins take it off the stove immediately as it cools a bit, add lime juice if you like these videos please subscribe and press bell icon too so that we can send new videos to you asap find Ranawara & make this salad and cook this way too you can grow Ranawara too any country, any season Thank You See you soon

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New Cookery Recipes
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