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how to cook rice properly (no rice cooker needs) 냄비밥 쉽게 하는 법!



Today I'll tell you the easiest way to cook! First 1 cup rice Mixing grains will be a healthier option Rinse the rice at least twice with cold water

30 minutes Set the alarm Allow rice to absorb water When rice is called water, it becomes more tender when it becomes rice Put 1 cup of water in equal volume with rice Covering the lid We cook first in Senbul

At the same time as bubbles are visible, the fire is reduced as much as possible Set the alarm for 12 minutes 5 minutes Set the alarm to mute It's cooked perfectly! Enjoy! I will enjoy this food I'd like a short tip

It is sharing rice Use the lap to remove as much rice as you want Fold each part well Really easy? The divided rice can be stored in the refrigerator or the fridge I have rice ready for you!

Source: Youtube

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