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How to cook rice


[UltraVid id=337 ]rice is really very easy to make about a cup of rice in a pan now you take it to your sink and you rinse it a couple of times put the water in there stir it around now rinse now go one small turn the tap off swish the rice around and use your hand like a sieve now you don’t have to let all the water go there’s a little bit in there that’s fine now you add one and a half cups of water to your one cup of rice you put your lid on and now what you do is you need to come to the boil it’s boiling there now you turn it right down and you let it simmer for 15 minutes set your timer the lid stays on do not take your lid off after 15 minutes turn your gas off and let sit for another 15 minutes now that’s been sitting with the gas off for 15 minutes perfect rice so gas on for 15 minutes turned off and let’s sit with the lid on for another 15 minutes

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