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How To Cook Roasted Whole Chicken in Air Fryer



hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I'm going to share with you whole chicken and I'm going to make a whole chicken like a tandoori style in air fryer and how do I'm going to make it tasty and juicy I'm going to share with you I'm going to remove the skin and I'm going to wash it with the cold water it's a fresh chicken 1 onion 1 inch ginger 1 green Serrano chili garlic cloves these are frozen and I'm going to use 10 of them and I'm going to put it into the bullet in the processor and we're going to make it a smooth paste other ingredients coriander powder red chili flakes tandoori masala cumin powder salt black pepper garam masala each one of them 1 teaspoon and 2 teaspoon parsley play I'm going to share with you how to make our chicken moist and juicy I'm going to use 1 cup water that going to be hot water I have our 10 garlic cloves we're going to put it up and green chilli and ginger we're just going to cut into small pieces so then it's easier to make a smooth paste and and onion we going to do 4 pieces this is a perfect tighten the blade if you get stuck it's good idea to move around I had skin taken out then I trim the fat and I washed it with the cold water and now what I wanted to share with you that I'm going to make nice 3 cut one two three it's a big chicken so we're going to do the same thing on this side one two and three the whole reason we're doing the cut when we're going to marinate our chicken then masala will go inside and we're going to make it nice cut like this on this side then like this on the drumstick one on this side then we're going to do it on one on the other side so we're going to make it nice size cut and now we're going to turn over again and we will make it cut on this side like this so any fat visible at this moment when we're going to cook it it will be nicely melt away so we're going to have healthy cooking and I'll bring ginger garlic onion and green chili paste now I'll scoop out now I bring all the dry spices combine them and that's going to be our marination and now we need to mix it well once it's nicely combined tandoori masala going to give us a nice color this is looking good now it's very important that as a personal hygiene your hand should be really clean and I'm going to bring the chicken and we're going to marinate with our masala we're going to grab masala and we're going to massage it well like this grab good amount of masala and make sure that inside the chicken it's all nicely marinated and all the masala goes into each cut it's nicely marinated and now I'm going to put the plastic wrap and we're going to put it in the fridge for two hours the longer the better if you do it overnight that will be the perfect but I'll do it for two hours they'll get a plastic wrap and we place it on top so as I mentioned that put it into it for at least two hour so put it in fridge the whole chicken is marinated for two hours I just took it out of the fridge one tip I wanted to share with you when you do the cooking with the air fryer I'm going to use 1 cup hot boiling water please make sure it's hot and I'm going to put water right underneath the strainer it's like a strainer you don't want to put too much water then they will be touching it you don't need too much water in there so now we're going to take out the plastic wrap whoa look at the chicken it looking so good I'm going to lift it up and just so I'm going to put it in it right inside the basket just like there so this looking good I'm just going to make sure the wipe off the extra masala so I'm going to place it the whole chicken inside and we're going to cook it we're going to turn it on we're going to keep the temperature on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes now it's gonna start it started after 15 minutes I'm going to turn the chicken then after another 15 minutes I'm going to bring the chicken back to the same position so altogether 30 minutes then the five minutes the remainder we're going to put the chicken upside down again within 35 minutes our whole chicken will be cook it will be oil-less oil-free healthy cooking the whole reason I added water that's going to keep the chicken moist that you can not going to get dry so when we're going to eat it it will be moist juicy and tender 15 minutes of cooking I'm going to open it Wow look at this nice color and now we're going to get the chicken and we're going to turn it over just like this just looking perfect to place it back again and it will start off at the same time what left off 20 minutes so we're gonna come back 15 more minutes later cooking for exactly half an hour 15 minutes on one side and 15 minutes on the other side five more minutes to go I'll open it Wow look at this this is a perfect and we still have a water underneath yes this is fully cooked but the five minutes is gonna give more crunchy texture and it will start where it left off five more minutes then it will be all ready we almost done this one minute left this is done we're going to wait for the final beep oh unplug it I'm going to open it Wow look at this that's a delicious the whole chicken in airfryer perfect and if we look it inside we still have the water helps keep the chicken moist so now we have a healthy chicken our delicious healthy whole chicken roaster in airfryer look at this this is the perfect nicely done within 35 minutes the whole chicken is ready it's so delicious please try it and you're going to like it you can serve as the main dish you can serve as an appetizer or you can serve with the rice pilaf this is a perfect whole chicken recipe please try it and you're going to like it and if you like this recipe like always like share and subscribe easy steps cooking thank you and have a good day bye bye

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