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How to Cook Shalgam Sabzi



hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I'm going to share with you shalgam Gonglu in typical Punjabi we call it Gongloo gongloo de sabzi shalgam sabzi we can also call it shaljim English we call it turnip so these are big huge Turnip I'm going to use the three of these I'm going to peel it then I'm going to wash it then I'm going to cut it into small pieces for over Tadka we're going to use olive oil 1 tomato 1 onion or 1 inch ginger and 2 green chillies these are real hot Serrano chili you always can substitute with red chili or black pepper 2 tbsp cornflour and this is we call it makki da atta I'm using this brand you can use any brand this is a gluten free it's a white corn and please don't get confused with corn starch don't add corn starch we going to use makki da flour corn flour all the spices 1 tsp cumin seed jeera brown sugar if you don't have brown sugar you can substitute with the white sugar cumin powder coriander powder garam masala turmeric powder salt and then 1/2 cup water once we peel the turnips and cut into small pieces we're going to put it into pressure cooker along with turmeric powder and salt and 1/2 cup water and let's get started we're going to get our pressure cooker fresh cilantro onion tomato ginger green chilli is all cut into small pieces and the turnip the shalgam gonglu washed and cut into small pieces so first we're going to add shalgam a gonglu once we added then we're going to bring 1/2 cup water turmeric powder salt mix it this is good enough put the lid back on we're going to start gas put the pressure cooker and we'll wait for one whistle so we have our first whistle and I'm going to turn off the gas and we're going to let it sit until it cools down we're going to put our pressure cooker on the back burner and we're going to start gas bring fry pan and we're going to start tadka we're going to use 2 tbsp olive oil you can use any vegetable oil I'll bring cumin so we' re going to give like a 30-second so I'm going to bring ginger and cook only 30 seconds this is good enough now bring Onion and mix it well and we're going to keep cooking onion cooking onion for 2 minutes we don't want to over cook our onions this subji requires fresh onion now I am going to bring green chili cook for 1 minute along with onion and within 3 minutes onions going to be transparent cooking our green chili for 1 minute and this is the time bring corn flour and we're going to cook our corn flour along with onion many people when they cook turnip shalgam or gonglu they add corn flour directly into turnips all gonglu please try it this way you're going to like it this is one of the reason I was saying you don't need to burn your onion because when you're cooking onion along with other things then onion stay firm and get nicely transparent so we're going to cook for 1 minute as you seen it start to change color it took us 1 and 1/2 minutes it can depend on your burner it can take two minutes but it's nicely the color has been changed bring the tomatoes we're going to mix it well this is really important we're just going to keep turning and I'm going to bring the gas to medium low which is number 3 as you see the cornflour it's a nicely cook after mixing it well spread it evenly covered with the lid and cook on medium-low gas for 2 minutes cooking for 2 minutes with the closed lid on medium-low flame and we're going to mix them well as you see the tomatoes has got tender this is all we need now I'm going to bring the pressure cooker in a front as there is no more pressure and I'm going to open it this is how it looks this will be close in and turn the fan on and if we see it's nicely done bring the tadka into pressure cooker all taken out after adding our tadka i'm going to mix it and keep your gas on medium low and now I'm going to bring spices coriander powder cumin powder garam masala and brown sugar and we're going to mix it this is good now we're going to use a hand blender you have some of those big chunks and that's it and I'm going to bring the gas to simmer which is low as you see still small chunks in here you don't want to make a smooth gravy then you don't enjoy this way you will get some chunks of shalgam turnip or gonglu I'm going to bring cilantro Dhania coriander leaves mix it well so after mixing it well leave it on a simmer for 5 minutes cooking on a simmer for exactly 5 minutes turn off the gas I got my serving bow ready and I'm going to dish out this is very easy to make and it's a super delicious so one of the best vegan recipe vegetarian delight our quick and easy turnip shalgam gonglu de sabzi is all ready please try it you're going to like it you can serve it the roti chapati phulka naan parantha and best of all with corn roti makki de roti I hope you like this dish like always please like share and subscribe easy steps cooking thank you and have a good day bye bye

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