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How to cook shrimp fried rice



This video is about taking the shrimp fried rice to the next level I order a plate of shrimp fried rice among others in a Michelin awarded restaurant last week

The fried rice was good but is slightly different from what I am expected So, I planned to improvise this fried rice by retaining the best elements but includes other elements that can yield the dream shrimp fried rice that pictured in my mind Let's get into the detail: To begin with, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil in a small pan over low heat Add one tablespoon of minced or chopped garlic and start to saute it slowly until it turns golden brown Add a pinch of salt to season it

This step is delicate as the garlic burn quickly over high heat Remove the garlic from the oil immediately when it reaches the desired golden color Otherwise, the garlic will become too dark and bitter Pour the fried garlic through the wire mesh strainer Keep the garlic and use the oil to cook the shrimps in the wok

Add some salt and white pepper to the shrimps and mix well Arrange the shrimps in the wok and sears both sides slowly until they are slightly charred Keep it at low to medium heat so that you have better control of the doneness of the shrimps Once they turn slightly golden, remove and keep aside Next, crack two eggs

Separate the yolk from the whites Add then add the yolks and all the cooked rice to the wok over low heat Mix the rice with the egg quickly before the eggs yolk is harden Let the egg yolk coat the surface of the rice Reduce the heat if you find that it tends to stick

Wait until the egg is fully cooked before turning to higher heat Push the rice to the side of the wok Add the egg white to the center, and have a quick stir with the spatula to form it into short strands By doing so, you will get the rice coated with egg yolk which is yellow and scattered with strands of egg whites, which is white This concept is taken from the golden fried rice or 黄金炒饭

Once the eggs are fully cooked, add turn up the heat Season the rice with salt Lastly, add some mixed beans Return the shrimps and the fried garlic to the wok Add a tablespoons of scallions

Turn to high heat and stir fry for half a minute Dish out This is how I cook the shrimp fried rice You can download the recipe and read more details about it at: tasteasianfoodcom/shrimp-fried-ruce/ And please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the button below

You will find there are many more of the similar videos out there Until then, my name is KP Kwan By for now I will see you the next video

Source: Youtube

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