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How to Cook Sizzling Tofu Recipe


[UltraVid id=293 ]hi everyone welcome back up at time T noise yellow as I am I on now sizzling tofu at the umpire on Mac style so gonna happen to the highest amount not know how to give Nahanni sizzling tofu nila then a nigga going at it today said in my ingredients Napa 500 grams tofu 1 medium onion chopped 4 cloves garlic chopped 1 tbsp parsley 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp oyster sauce 1/3 cup mayonnaise bell peppers 1 red chilly spring onion add pepper so similar non opinion Padawan Athena sizzling so food I’m gonna navigate ona slice not Anita mapping tofu so books on happen okay so that is on a pendulum not any on covered [Music] [Applause] Jo adding tofu is less common as I have removed le cochon maka places Center name adding tofu why not enjoy into cubes the people in adding and adding tofu so the gamilons irina koala as well again as in an oil but at this time under a meeting for i extra virgin coconut oil Valentino and Machado sinfully on adding potato or you’re adding food so you gotta giggling so Casa de pod deep-fry em are in tofu attain eternal I enjoy meeting Polperro separated in Amman Ganga management vegetable oil communion with spooning your communal marineo so now in on adding yen italian-american idiotic Manteca [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the pudding in token identified in a nursing home Oh insa Ola Needleman eg given an Anthony I think by Omar Cebu yes and again arena then you’re adding Cebu yes super no I think Denise and savoia at powwow so pardon a nap in Soho in pain a nap in a boy next step nigga go in our den is you adding mayonnaise combine long up in your adding mayonnaise add oyster sauce for the Halloween loan a pin it all then you’re adding sugar so hallucinogen the beginnin water by the denomination panella Gannett in oyster sauce titania elegant of eggs but 2 tbsp earth and anon adding the genome water ok Fink salmon and some about 1 tablespoon of waters and Milligan a pen hello in on happened but I must combine my eg I think forever combined maybe on mayonnaise at you know extra sauce then look in an opinion parsley at your heart in red bell pepper hello in don knapp in the bed and again I’ve been on pepper so this time finna take on my boy Amina mantilla – number unit it’s also mix mix long flowing down the attention on her doing internal consistency noticed an a-10 father starting sauce seasoning tofu energy data get on that and say some bold talking on in the guide idiotic sauce Sonia hello internet in it on adding tofu at young minis mixture in a pan so illigal anatomy Tom adding premium tofu this is a bowl it is on that in the head oh man Geum sizzling plate maganda under the net inside shirt pero velasca home sistering plate soma game provides an entire Burger Chef Ramsay finito para hopper enum sizzling tofu this is a becau which is eun-young vahanam max so at a young adding guinea some shibuya says Bow Wow you get on that bed now it makes them happen it all [Music] ah okay Bethany I think this Ling tofu so as I said Camaro hand sizzling plate Iligan hanim for and it’s ready to be served so the hewa laughing sizzling talk laughing sizzling plate you got me turnin up on a sibling place and this off a Lyla guy you’re having she’s linked to food you adding tofu hang on that in hand begging I think again and spring on your saber bow then again and adding and adding chili so depending you’re gonna fatten and chili you musulega okay so then I am adding sizzling for for Allah box so put in an ad in tow he tried ribbon and I think what it mean yep ni adding final Prada I’m sizzling tofu I’ll a buck style so thick monotony toe mmm Milosh are crunchy Latino food and with a sauce perfect combination so I hope to enjoy Paris a militant Athenian guys and thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel follow us in Instagram as Pegeen itv1 and visit our website at [Music] maybe you want to try I will let him try so once you okay Gavin is here so he will try hmm okay so as I was saying my fellow file signing Instagram but guys when itv1 odd timing website at at the Sheridan Adam recipe Neyman and subscribe to Gavin’s channel and yes so thank you for watching guys see you next time bye bye bye bye – bye

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