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How to Cook Smoked Brisket | Traeger Staples



Hey guys, I'm Matt Pittman of Meat Church I'm here today to show you how to make a brisket on your Traeger

I'm very Central Texas inspired and so that's really the method I'm going to show you guys today What we're starting out with here is a full packer brisket A brisket is comprised of two muscles You've got the flat and you've got the point So basically they overlap each other like this

Not right on top of each other but a little bit offset The first thing we want to do is we want to trim this brisket We're probably gonna take about two pounds out of it and so when you look at a brisket look on the meat side here There's some really hard fat right here at the top we want to go ahead and take that off to start No hard fat's gonna render in your cooks so I'm going to eliminate that at first

There's a lot of personal preference in a brisket but what I'm gonna do is I'll effectively shave this out but I'm just making a nice cut not digging deep into the meat just to remove this fat portion here The next thing I want to do is, this old, kind of gray meat on the side, I want to get rid of that so I'm gonna do probably about a quarter inch just around the edge just to trim this up to get rid of all that That's nice and cleaned up on the side so now let's look at the top You can decide how much of this other fat you want to take off here This soft fat will render so you know for cooking in your backyard you don't necessarily have to remove it

Any of the stuff that's really loose I'll pick up and kind of fillet it away but where it's a little thicker here I'll go ahead and I'll take that off so on the fat side, if you look at this entire brisket what you'll see is it looks like there's fat covering the entire side back here and so what you'd like to do is kind of take that down to about a quarter of an inch Maybe a half inch at the absolute most it's personal preference so effectively you want to shave that off I think that's pretty good for my standards and then one more piece so this side here is just a little bit thick so in between the flat and the point there's quite a bit of fat in here I want to take that out so that I can season it So I'm gonna take my sharp knife again and I'm basically going to just cut kind of one big section of this off and I cut it out just a hair and then I'm going to take the whole thing off because there's just so much fat Okay so this is looking really nice and trimmed and now it's time to season it

There's a lot of ways you can season your brisket Central Texas barbecue is coarse cracked pepper and big kosher salt 50/50 mixture A lot of guys add a little bit more to it so that's where I like to bring in my Holy Cow rub which is heavy salt and pepper and a little bit of garlic, touch of paprika and so I'm primarily going to season just with this rub and I'm gonna start on the meat side and I like to season pretty high so if you're seasoning up high then you're gonna get a nice even application Now, I don't use any binders on my protein before I apply seasoning So what's a binder? A binder could be an olive oil, some people use things like mustard, Worcestershire sauce, I can apply this seasoning just kind of pat it a couple times and I'll be good to go

So in my mind, no real need to do anything else I also want to make sure I get the sides So that's a pretty healthy application What I like to do is layer a little bit so I'm gonna bring in my Holy Gospel rub which is a rub that is primarily Holy Cow but it has a little bit of our Gospel all-purpose added and so I'm gonna go light with this I went pretty average with the first one

This was just gonna be a nice coating across the top Not too much I'm gonna pat that in So ideally we would let this sit 20-30 minutes max and we're gonna flip it over and repeat the process Okay so this brisket sweat out for about 30 minutes so if you look at it it's nice and kind of appears wet on the top and like I said that's where the seasoning has pulled some kind of moisture out basically that means this rub has completely adhered to the brisket and we're ready to cook it

But let's talk about cooking this We're gonna cook it 275 fat up and it's basically gonna be a two-part cook We're gonna cook this thing probably about six hours or so, unwrapped in the grill and then we're gonna wrap it and we're gonna finish the cook and we're going to talk about this as we cook it but what you're gonna be looking for is an internal temperature and that's going to be your cue to wrap it That bark is going to start to form It's gonna look really pretty and so what you're going to do is you're going to take your instant read thermometer and you're going to check right in the middle of the flat you're going to poke in and check and what I want you to do is wrap it around 165 degrees internal temperature

So let's take this thing outside Here we are at the Traeger We've got it set at 275 degrees and like I said, I like to cook fat up so I'm gonna place this baby on this way We've been rocking at 275 degrees let's take a look and so what you see here is this beautiful mahogany color I'm gonna go ahead and test it with my instant-read thermometer right in the middle of the flat so we're in the 160 degree range 160ish getting to 165 so I'm ready to pull this thing off and wrap it

Alright we're coming back inside, off the Traeger, it's time to wrap this brisket There are several ways you can wrap your brisket If this is your first brisket, I'd recommend wrapping in heavy-duty aluminum foil I'd pull out two arm length pieces on top of each other, put the brisket on top, wrap it up nice and tight, go back in the Traeger That's the most forgiving way to cook

I'm gonna go the Texas route which is to wrap in unwaxed pink butcher paper So the pro of this is all that great bark you've created it's permeable through this paper so you won't actually lose that bark there's a little bit of a learning curve with butcher paper so like I said I'd start with foil first I'm gonna take the brisket here this beautiful mahogany brisket I'm gonna put it right in the middle I've got two pieces of paper, just kind of overlap so think swaddling a baby basically however you want to do it and for me I'm gonna go back in fat side up and you know from here when we go back out on the Traeger what we're looking for it's just to get it again probe tender right here in the middle too flat so it's probably around 202-203 degrees and it's gonna be okay to check it throughout the cook right through this paper you don't have to unwrap it or anything like that just check right here and you're gonna be good to go So let's go put this back on the Traeger you're staying at 275 taking it home Alright, you got this baby wrapped, fat up right back in the Traeger 275 degrees

I'm not going to touch it I'm gonna come back in here and check it in about an hour and a half right here and when I get in the 190s I'm gonna check it about every 10-15 minutes or so until we get to where we're probe tender and we're done Alright so we're gonna probe this brisket and like I said we want to check it in the flat You can see where I've checked it a couple of times I'm okay going back in the same hole it feels really tender right now so I'm feeling good about this it's time really to pull this thing off and we want to let it rest Super important to let your brisket rest for at least an hour You've been hitting this brisket with high heat for 10 hours or so and all the moisture in this briskets kind of out at the end of the muscle fibers and you wanna let that thing relax so that moisture redistributes throughout the entire brisket

You don't want to slice this thing hot this thing if you slice it it's steaming out that's just robbing yourself of a really juicy bite you could have So, important to rest at an hour but you could rest this thing after 3-4 hours and it'll be fantastic Just put it in the cooler and lock it down so we're done Okay so we brought the brisket in wrapped, left it wrapped, put it in a cooler and it sat there for just over an hour now we've pulled it out and it's time to slice this and I want to show you this thing fat up I told you how this was gonna render Look how soft this is

This is going to be an amazing bite and it's just tender as can be I can tell just from the touch I want to talk to you a little bit about slicing Common mistake I see people make is they take their knife and they just start slicing straight down this brisket so the first thing that we'll do when the whole brisket comes out is basically cut it in 1/3 So we'll go about 1/3 of the brisket down and just make a nice pretty cut Here, you can see on the flat that it's a little more lean

You can see all the fat here in the point I don't like it when people squeeze their brisket but just to show you what you can achieve on the Traeger I'm gonna squeeze it for you Anyway, just a little bit don't squeeze that too much, again, you're gonna rob yourself of a super juicy bite squeezing that but it sure is sexy to look at Now I'm going to slice this to different directions here on the on the leaner side or on the flat we can go ahead and just slice right down the brisket

So I'm just gonna slice a few slices here this direction and for those of you that like the fattier stuff which, this is my favorite part of the brisket, you're actually going to spin this because the grain goes a different direction and I'm gonna slice mine actually thicker so I'm going almost even half inch on this end opposite direction on the slices and I want to show you Look at that gorgeous smoke ring that we got off the Traeger Oak pellets help with a heavy smoke The Holy Cow rub, the Holy Ghost will just give you that gorgeous smoke ring we've got right there so here's kind of the difference so you can choose if you like the lean or if you like the fatty Pull this apart talk to you about that perfect fat there not too much fat is flavor when using the moderation and that is a perfect and amount to me and I can't wait any longer so ain't mad about it

That my friends, is a Texas brisket So hope you guys enjoy For this recipe and others hit traegergrillscom/recipes or download the app

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