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HOW TO COOK SPAGHETTI. Recipe evening delicious spaghetti



Namaskar I'm preparing for the first online experimental retreat, and for that program I would like to share several recepies

During the retreat we shouldn't waste so much time on cooking and eating But still we need to eat And after eating we have to feel happy That happiness is very important It is my firm conviction, that when we eat, we must enjoy, because if we feel joyful, if we feel pleasure and happiness, then, that food gets digested very easily, and it produces proper effect

And it is very important for meditation Food actually balances the mind The adequate amount of food, proper combination of tastes balances the mind, and it is very good for meditation So, I call this as a "bachelor's cuisine", recepies of 5, maximum 10 minutes And bachlor is the person, who is alone, and during retreat you're alone in your room

So, you go out in the kitchen and very quickly, before anyone notices you, you cook something, you eat something, then you come rest, and after that there will be another program So, if you're interested about the retreat, actually this video is not about the retreat, it's about cooking But since I mentiond, the previous video I have recorded, there will be link to that video And if the date is already over, if we've already done the retreat, means somewhere in the future, then I think we'll do this program from time to time You keep following us, you subscribe and you press the "bell" button, and I think one day you will be able to make it for the retreat

So, evening spaghetti We need to have two tomatoes, I get four, because in the process of this filming my camera man, he is getting hungry, so, I have to care for him also So, 4 tomatoes for two portions Then some vegetables Broccoli is good, I didnt have the fresh one, so I just used the frozen one

Ideally, fresh food is always better Ideally the fresh one And then, butter, if you're a vegan, you can use coconut oil, you can also use the coconut cream, that is also going to be useful for this recipe Then, tricatu, tricatu is a spice, simultaneously it is an Ayurvedic medicine, for cough and cold It is a mixture of black pepper, ginger, and some other pepper, I'm forgetting

So, it is called tricatu If you don't have that, don't worry, just use the black pepper, thats enough It is very, very simple And then, we use spaghetti Let's start cooking

And I'm using the blender, If there is no blender, then, you just pour the hot water, you cut like this, a little bit, just cut a little open, and then pour the boiling water over the tomato, peel the skin and then cut very finely That will also do, but blender is the best Blender is the best At the same time, while I'm cutting this, actually, I did it wrong While I'm cutting this, already I have to start boiling the water

My gas is really, you can melt the iron there OK, the water is getting ready, and I'm preparing the sauce Broccoli doesn't take much time to cook, some a few minutes just, very fast OK, now, I'm going to melt the butter, the best would be the ghi, clarified butter But I don't have, so I use this one

OK, at the same time that water is getting close to boiling temperaure So, I'm going to put the spaghetti there And something very intresting, how to measure, how much spaghetti I need to boil Now, I will reveal a very important wisdom of life How many spaghettis you need to cook

So, for one person – this much OK? Just like this And then, this guy is going here Congratulations Two people are going to be happy today

Now, this broccoli are enjoying in the warmth of the butter, because it was very cold in the freezer So, now they are taking sauna So, ideally the food must contain the six tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringing, hot So, in our food there will be sweet, the pasta is sweet, and the broccoli is sweet Sour – tomatoes are sour

Hot This tricatu is hot And salty, because I'm going to put salt Four Astringing, no, not so much here

And bitter's not so much here So, four tastes is quite satisfying Also food has to be a little bit oily Not much of course, too much it is very hard for the liver to digest, but pleasantly oily So, now I'm going to put the the pasta is good if you put some timer, I forgot to put the timer, but 8 minutes, it has to go like that Enjoy As you work in the kitchen, you try to clean as you cook The kitchen should be, after you utilize the kitchen, it should be cleaner that before

And then you clean it, so that you will be ready to eat peacefully Don't forget to put salt, in the both, in the pasta and the sauce OK, here It is not advisable to taste the food, when you cook Because when you taste, you activate the Manipura Chakra You activate this feeling of desire for food

And that desire, that feeling that I want to eat, spoinls the quality of the food Because the food has to be cooked in the higher ideation Ideally you imagine, you feel that you are the tool of the Supreme Consciousness And it is not you, who is cooking, the Supreme Consciousness is cooking through you And also you're going to feed the Supreme Consciousness, not for yourself

The Supreme Consciousness, in your form, but your intention, your ideation should be that I'm cooking for the Divine, for the Supreme Being So, in that case the food will acquire a very powerful, spiritual vibration and when you eat, after you have eaten, you willl feel that immediately your mood, is getting uplifted So, that's one very secret You know, I have one friend, he is a very good meditator And I asked him: "Dada, do you feel sometimes sad and depressed?" He said: "You know, sometimes I have to deal with so many chalenges in my life

But what I do? I cook some food, I will eat, I will watch some Indian movie, and then, it's gone, it's no more So, this food therapy is very important If you cook in a very proper mood, in a very loving mood, in a very joyful mood, then that energy will go there, and it will be amplified And when you eat, i's just like "Wow!" And you will be uplifted, and for several days it is going to be lasting

Offer mentally your food, that you're cooking, to the Supreme Being That's the secret OK, I think we're done with the sauce I think if you have the coconut cream, it will be very nice connecting, combining They're good friends with this sauce

Also you can put some laurel leaf, laurel leaf, hello, yes, some laurel leaf is there OK, sauce is done And spaghetti also is about to be done almost If you need to taste still, if you still not confident how much salt there and then, you do like this So, it's like minimal, minimal engagement of the taste buds Then, of course I need to put some pepper Uhh, this is my

this much I need, but I'm very much accustomed, so for someone it may be hot So, put your dose, dosage Bon app├ętit! I hope, you enjoy this food

It's very simple But I like it And yeah, meditate The good, very fundamental law of life "No meditation – no food" First to meditate, then to eat

Then, food becomes 100 times more beneficial Yes, namaskar

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