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Hi everybody, welcome back to the kitchen and today I have an installment of pick your produce just in time for fall and winter today we're gonna focus on this spaghetti squash and I'm gonna share with you How you can make it two ways in the oven or in the microwave and I'm also gonna give you some fun facts what this? Spaghetti squash is all about let's go see how this all comes together Because fall is here and spaghetti squash while it is available all year long It is typically considered a winter squash It's been around like forever It's very easy to cook

You might not know how to do it Maybe you've been intimidated because you know cutting this thing in half can be kind of dangerous So unless you have some good knife skills, you might avoid doing it But I'm gonna show you a little bit easier way to handle this and it involves a good sharp knife cutting board And a piece of non-slip, right? You can get this this is just like shelf liner, but it's like non-slip shelf liner I know a lot of people want to cut it this way, but doesn't know how we're gonna do it We're going to do it the opposite way so you want to start by gently Getting your knife in there and then you have a nice base So make sure you have a good knife and then it is gonna take some muscle All right, and if you just kind of wiggle it all the way around these are very very hard to cut That's why I really prefer cooking them in the microwave because you don't have to cut them in half You can just do this So now we've got this cut in half Now you're gonna want to grab a spoon just go ahead and take a sharp edged spoon If you have an ice-cream Spade, it makes the job a lot easier You just want to make sure you get all of this kind of angel hair looking stuff out of the center of your squash Okay, we got both halves of our spaghetti squash cleaned out now We're not going to roast these like this We're going to flip them upside down But first we're gonna brush them with a little olive oil on the inside and on the outside So I'm just gonna drizzle a little bit of olive oil and hearing is whatever oil you like It doesn't matter just a little bit of oil and then I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to rush this Around and make sure you get the edges here that are gonna go facedown Well cut side down on the Pan just like that These are now gonna go into a 400-degree oven for 30 to 45 minutes and We'll show you what these look like when they come out now, I'm gonna show you how to make your spaghetti squash in the microwave So what you want to do? We're gonna roast this in the microwave hole and we're gonna take a sharp knife and we're basically gonna stab this spaghetti squash Several times I would say at least for like one on each side, okay so I just have a pie plate here because it's round and it's flat and it's easy to put the Spaghetti squash in if you have a little oval baking dish or anything really that will hold your spaghetti squash

They come in all sizes Just make sure it fits we're gonna pop this in the microwave We're going to run it on high for 10 to 15 minutes or until it's soft enough to cut in half That's how easy it is to cook a spaghetti squash in the microwave I'm gonna go pop mine in my microwave is 1200 watts and it might take 10 minutes It might take 12 But I'll make sure I let you know how long it took mine if your microwave is not that powerful It may take longer You just need to keep checking it So I'll be back when these both are done and I'll show you the final results our spaghetti squash Has finished cooking in the microwave It was in there for approximately 12 minutes So what I want to do, I just want to put it on a cutting board and it's gonna be warm So be careful, if you don't have asbestos fingers like I do Just be careful You want to cut it in half and there's your spaghetti squash all cooked and ready to go now The only thing that you're gonna want to do here because we cook this one whole is you're gonna want to remove Center with all the seeds in it They're called spaghetti squash because when you take a fork to them, they look like spaghetti noodles So if you do this And it comes from along the side And you have a lovely alternative to high carb pasta So let me go ahead and get the one we made in the oven that one's ready also All right are the spaghetti squash that we cooked in? The oven is finished as well You see how nice it looks a little caramelized on the bottom there looks great so I highly recommend using a hot pad or a pot holder They say when you cut it in half like this that you get longer strands of spaghetti and air quotes we'll just say and That may be true I don't know so I'm just gonna go ahead and scrape it onto this Looks like spaghetti right now

All we need is some of Rick's Irish spaghetti sauce, and we'll be good to go And I think it's true that you do get longer Strands when you cut it in half The short way as opposed to the long way so There's just something to think about if you've never eaten spaghetti squash or have never been brave enough to eat spaghetti squash I love it I like it just baked and then with butter salt and pepper It's really great You can turn this into Like pasta con pepe con Parma where you put butter and Black pepper and parmesan cheese on it It's delicious You can Really substitute the spaghetti for spaghetti squash in any of your recipes like for spaghetti pie or any kind of noodle bake and I think that you're gonna really be surprised at how delicious it is

So Cincinnati squash There you go You put chili on top of it, right? There's two ways that you can make delicious spaghetti squash Really easy you make it in the oven It takes about 45 minutes You can make it in the microwave It takes about 12 depending on your microwave, but either way you get the job done And I have some fun facts about spaghetti squash

I Wanted to share with you just real quick now Spaghetti squash botanically is classified as a cubit Peppo It is unit is a unique winter variety That is a member of the Cubist's a family along with pumpkin zucchini and gourds Also known as vegetable spaghetti noodle squash mandarin squash and vegetable marrow spaghetti squash is favored for its unusual Noodle like texture which is attributed to the presence of a recessive gene first recorded in China in the early 1800s Spaghetti squash has become popular around the world as a healthy low-carb alternative It is used in a variety of keulen Airy applications and has a mild taste Well that will absorb any accompanying flavors spaghetti squash is It contains vitamin A folate folic acid beta carotene and potassium and is also an excellent source of fiber It is best suited for cooked Applications such as roasting steaming and baking the rind is very hard and tough so the squash can be cooked whole or sliced in half for faster cooking and once cooked the flesh can be shredded with a fork to make the stringy noodles that the squash is known for I Just thought that this information was interesting and I thought that you might enjoy learning about it Spaghetti squash is the was first discovered in China and was a popular vegetable in the countryside of northern Manchuria China in the 1920s images of the Manchuria area have been found that depict a woman with her child cutting spirals of spaghetti squash using a rod on a sawhorse This flesh was commonly collected from the squashes in this fashion and then hung up and left to dry out in the sunshine The dried squash provided a nutritious food source, that would last during the winter months in 1934 the cicuta seed company in Japan developed an improved variety and was the first to market the spaghetti squash under the somin non-kin commercial also known as the Burpee company brought the squash to North America in 1936 and sold seeds in their catalogue under the name vegetable spaghetti The squash was not immediately popular and it took several years to gain notoriety Especially during World War two when it was used as a substitute for pasta at a time when processed foods were harder to obtain Today spaghetti squash is widely available at farmer's markets grocers and through online seed catalogs in North America Central America South Africa Europe Asia and Australia, so there's all the information you ever wanted to know But we're afraid to ask about spaghetti squash I Hope that you are no longer afraid or curious about spaghetti squash So I hope that you give this a try sometime soon And if you liked today's video Please consider giving me a thumbs up And if you are new to my kitchen and you wandered over here to learn about spaghetti squash Welcome, it's always a pleasure to have new people

Join me in the kitchen and Be sure and hit that subscribe button If you are trying to remember the nerine's kitchen family Please be sure and hit the bell notification button Because we don't want any of you and miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you enjoyed learning about spaghetti squash and I hope you give it a try sometime soon And I hope you love it and until next time I'll see ya

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