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How to Cook Special Bombay Biryani – Learn Recipe in 5 minutes (with English Subtitles / Captions)



Assalam o Alaikum Welcome back to my channel Today, I have the recipe of Special Bombay Biryani for you Lets start the recipe 1 Kilogram (KG) rice and soak them in water for 1

5 hours (90 minutes) Cut 5 big pieces of onion and chop them Cut 5 tomatoes and chop them 4 potatoes, and cut them in cubical shape 1 Cup Oil (210-220 ml) 1/4 Kg (250grams) yougurt 2 teaspoon Garlic & Ginger paste 750 grams chicken pieces Take 2 packs of Bombay Biryani spices (Condiment ) but we will use 15 pack Pour oil in hot cooking-pot After reaching on boiling point, include onion in cooking-pot Fry it properly in oil After getting it brown, combine chicken pieces and fry the chicken properly Mix Garlic & Ginger paste Fry the chicken well in the paste and keep frying till the chicken change the color to white Now mix tomatoes and stir well Now, mix 15 packet of Condiment and mix well On your taste, you can use the appropriate amount of Condiment /spices Mix well Mix yogurt Mix well Mix potatoes and mix well Adding 1 cup water water and mix well to get the potatoes and chicken fused on high flame After reaching to boiling point on high flame for five minutes then lower the stove flame and leave for 30 minutes And in between keep checking and mixing After 25-30 minutes it will come to saute After sauting, cut green chilies & green coriander and mix well After mixing, cover the cooking-pot and heat for 5 seconds and turn off the stove flame In boiling water combine the soaked rice and boil the rice Now will do the layering of rice and chicken saute

Also add and sprinkle yellow /orange food mixed with pandanus flowers flavored water Repeat the layering process Cover the cooking pot with cloth like this for steaming on pre-heated pan For 5 minutes on high flame and then for 15 minutes on medium high flame for steaming Add some green coriander for topping You can also use mint leaves for the taste or tomato , green chilies can also be used After 15 minutes we will uncover the cooking-pot It will look like this Mix up & down slowly See, all rice are separate with each other Cooked very well and delecious Mix it well and serve it Server with raita (curd) , salad, sweet dish and cold drink Thank you for watching Please like, share and subscribe

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New Cookery Recipes
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