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How to cook Spicy Thai Basil Salmon (Pad Krapow Salmon) – GowNan’s Thai Cooking & Recipes – EP.11



Spicy Thai Basil with Grilled Salmon (Pad Krapow Salmon) Ingredient 1 Thai Fish Sauce 1 TBSP 2

Maggi Sauce 1 TBSP 3 Soy Sauce 1 TBSP 4 Thai Chilli 1 TBSP 5 Thai Basil 100 g 6 Salmon 500 g Slice and Mince Garlic Clean Thai Basil with the water before use Use only Thai Basil Leaves Prepare salmon To day we use 500g of salmon! Beware about the bone Use Medium-low heat Grilled for OIL There are salmon oil that we need to use Grill the Minced Salmon Waiting until well done Then put it into the plate The oil left in the pan We use it for cooking Thai Basil First, cook the garlic and chilli Waiting until good smell Put Thai Fish Sauce Maggie Sauce Soy Sauce You can added some sugar Still cooking for a minute Then add minced salmon and the last, put Thai Basil into the pan Cooking for a minute then finished Prepare to serve Congratulation, you have Thai Basil with Grilled Salmon

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