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How to Cook Steak and Spicy Beef Salad Recipe – Gordon Ramsay


[UltraVid id=183 ]this is the most amazing sirloin you can see it’s got that wonderful marble for me the secret behind this is cooking it quickly season the steaks generously salt and pepper push that seasoning in to the sirloin take the settling out the fridge literally 20 minutes before you want to cook them so it gets up to room temperature they cook more evenly but more importantly you can actually season right inside the steak this little bit of fat down here season that as well because that is what we want to roast and get that really nice and rendered olive oil in a tablespoon roll that round as it starts to smoke in with the steaks into the pan and lay away again into the pan and lay away if you don’t hear that noise the minute those steaks at the pan don’t put them in so the secret now is getting that color on the steak turning it once and once only and cooking it for two and a half minutes each side what I want to do is to get that bit of fat rendered so it adds a lot more flavor its hold the steak down like that and that starts to melt the fat which makes it so much more tender there should be no white fat left anywhere tell them over really important to have that steak up to room temperature before you start cooking it so the inside is nice and warm so he spends less time in the pan and more time cooling down really important now to fingers touch it goes in says rare I’m happy to be rare because by the time I let them rest then we go back to medium-rare or continue cooking out onto a plate and let them rest one two let’s get my juices over don’t waste that really important next the spicy dressing pick the seeds out of a chili to reduce the heat by rubbing it in your hands and tapping until the seeds fall out cut it in half and just chop it in garlic and chili works brilliantly a quick way of peeling it get your knife and just slam it down pops out very quickly in you’ll touch a salt rub start going round in circles first and see it puring nice clear that off now we’ve got the heating there from the chili and that richness from the garlic 2 teaspoons of palm sugar this is where it starts to have that nice sweet sour effect fish sauce fresh lime this is a simple fresh chili dressing and it was something I fell in love with in Vietnam and Cambodia because it was just so easy give that a little mix you dissolve the sugar quick taste mmm Wow right vegetables a great fuss free way to get super thin ribbons of carrot is to use a veg peeler when they’re that thin they take the vinaigrette so much better and radishes just slice them down at an angle lovely give another dimension of the salad needs a banana Sherlock they are incredibly mellow he’s sweet across just chop up the shalat and mix that through what some sweetness in there now little vine tomatoes slice them in half smart as in Sherlock radish carrots and tomatoes next peel and slice cucumber chopped spring onions and shred baby gem lettuce and then finally get some fresh mint his young men so you don’t need to take all those stalks off we do hold a bunch upside down and then take it for a little trim and just chop that once through you got that nice minted salad color tablespoons of dressing don’t flood the cellar with a dressing you can always add but we can’t take it away now really mix that dressing in there make sure all that chilli and garlic and palm sugar wraps around and sell it beautiful onto the plate the steaks rested it’s now nice and medium-rare a little bit of fat we don’t want to find that in the salad just slice that off that’s served its purpose it’s kept that staying nice and moist just slice going with the grain it’s almost like slicing through butter and look in the side usually pink you slice the beef too thinly then it goes stone-cold or more importantly all the goodness runs out of it nice thick slices get the beef and start placing it around your salad take a little teaspoon on your dressing the rest of your salad sitting out on top we’ll finish it off with some toasted peanuts peanuts in now those nuts are really toasted nuts aren’t get out of the pan and just crush what they’ve cooled down just run them through with a knife you can hear our crunch they are another texture another taste the salad and then from there sprinkle and then finally take that just finish it with a little tablespoon of that sauce and there is one tasty very well textured spicy beef salad a few simple cuts through the Rhine means the Chop stays flat and cooks evenly this really helps to cook the bird evenly because you’re pushing out all the empty spaces

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