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How to Cook Steamed Rice | Korean Rice cooking on Stovetop, No Rice Cooker



if your rice cooker is broken and you don't even know how to cook rice do you know how much water you gotta use or do you know why you're rinsing rice before cooking I will show you everything today I have a bag of a rice over here I eat rice almost every day this is medium grain rice as you can see this is a Korean rice if you guys are living in North America and looking for Korean rice go look for Rhee chun or Calrose rice or sushi rice is fine I need a cup of rice today I will rinse the rice for three times the main reason for rinsing the rice is you get rid of debris that you sometimes see very small piece of rock inside so you gotta get rid of it second main reason is that you remove the surface starch that causes the rice to clump together okay gently rinse your rice with your hand and drain it and you're gonna repeat it for three times don't drain your water too fast otherwise you're gonna lose some rice that's it easy-peasy okay after rinsing rice the ratio for the steamed rice is usually one to two 15 ratio one cup of rice to 1

5 cup of water and I'll pour it over here and I'm going to put pinch of salt to taste put the lid on turn the heat on I will bring it to a boil over medium-high heat okay once it starts boiling turn the heat down to medium-low heat and set your timer for 15 minutes if you close your lid it might overflow with a bubble when it over flows with a bubble like this right then you gotta clean everywhere on here so I prefer open your lid slight like this it's not gonna overflow okay how about five minutes left once you see or the bubbles are gone, close the lid on ok i have about four minutes left and you can hear some popping sound that means it's almost there when it's almost done I got like three minutes left then I'm gonna turn the heat down to the low heat timer's on, turn the heat off, I set timer another ten minutes rest your rice for ten minutes easy peasy okay resting is almost done timers on turn it off mm-hmm look at these nicely done you see that get this nicely done steamed rice I like it okay that is it for today let me taste it this is perfectly done okay now I'm pretty hungry so I gotta make some side dishes for this rice thank you very much for watching my video today please like and subscribe for next video for you ciao

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New Cookery Recipes
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