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How to Cook Sweet & Sour Chicken Skewers On The Traeger Timberline 850



Hello everybody and welcome to The Barbecue Shop here at Hayes Garden World, as always we're joined by top BBQ chef Mr Richard Holden Hi folks

And in this video we're going to be doing a sweet and sour chicken kebab, using Traeger's flexible skewers and we're going to cook it on the Timberline 850 So Richard talk us through how we're going to prepare these So what we've done, we've got 4 chicken breasts, cubed them quite large so that they retain their moisture and their succulence, in the dish we had the juice of the can of pineapple chunks, took that out, mixed that with the tomato ketchup, the white wine vinegar and the chilli, marinated that; 'cos it's got the white wine vinegar in there you don't want to have it in the marinade too, too long 'cos it willl start to make the chicken go cloudy on the outside, which is basically the start of the cooking process, so we don't want to have it sat too long Erm, we've threaded the skewers alternately, or the pieces alternately on to our flexible skewer and I'm just going to finish this off just with a few more pieces

These go on super simple Should show people the length of these flexible skewers And the nice thing about a metal skewer as well is you don't need to soak it And it's really easy to thread Really easy to thread

So just finish that off with one of the pieces of pepper there We'll put those other ones to good use later, don't worry about that, we'll have our lunch with those as well But we are now ready to go to the barbecue So we're ready to go to the barbecue We are so gonna pick this up and

I'll get the lid for you Thank you very much We have to use a glove 'cos this handle has got really hot from the sun

This handle's scorching hot from the sunshine So we've got this set up for 175 and the easiest way to pop those on is just to slide that We've basted that with a little bit of the leftover juices These will take about 15 – 20 minutes at that 175C roasting temperature, they're on the lower level so on the Traeger that puts them nearer to that heat deflector plate underneath Part-way through the cook we'll just go back every 5 – 6 minutes to just baste them with any residual sauce we have, but we'll let those cook through 'til they get to 75 degrees C core temperature then we'll take them off

So we're back with our sweet and sour chicken kebabs They've had their time lets go and take a look and just do a little bit of a temperature check on them So as always the temperature we're looking for is 75 degrees That one's had it Oops come here

There we go Check a couple of points Just check a couple of points Looking good Yep all, well two ends and the middle all cooked on those

So what we'll do if you pass me the dish Everything comes off in one with the, with that metal skewer Unlike wooden skewers this obviously wouldn't burn through, so we'll just tumble that out onto the serving board and then we've just got a few little pittas and we've got some salad, just some pea shoots, some ribbons of cucumber, cucumber, you could have ribbons of cucumber but we've actually got carrot today So we've got ribbons of carrots and a few little bits of heritage tomatoes just quartered down Once that cools just slide that off and make some pittas or you could quite easily serve that with rice as well

Yep, be very nice that So you are trying to get a bit off there to taste? I'm going to try and get a bit off there just while, yes So whilst you're doing that I'll tell folks about The Barbecue Shop So if you're interested in this recipe visit the website: hayesgardenworldco

uk it'll be part of the blog that's on there If you're interested in any of the equipment we've used today visit the team here at The Barbecue Shop, they'll be telling you all about the BBQs, we have the BBQs out the back if you want to have a look at them, constantly using them Wait for you to try and figure It comes off as easily as it goes on So while Richard tucks in I'm going to say thank you for watching, we'll see you again next time See you again

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