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How To Cook: Tacos Al Pastor at Home!|Charismatic Cook



Hi guys, this is Patty And today we're gonna make this amazing recipe It's gonna be Tacos al pastor and everybody knows me for Charismatic cook

Thank you for being in my channel today and I am gonna teach you to make this amazing recipe and it's really really easy and Everybody in the whole world knows Mexico because of our tacos! So if you are from Mexico Be so proud to be Mexicano o Mexicana! Viva Mexico So lets go make these Tacos! They are really easy, but they're amazing and we're gonna use corn tortilla, salsa Onions cilantro, you can put anything you want in your taco So today we're gonna make street tacos so stick with me Let's go cook amazing tacos al pastor ready Let's go It's up to you! Okay, we're going to put it in our pineapple first to hold our meat Okay, we're gonna make these amazing taquitos and Everybody loves taquitos guys Okay

The first thing we have to do is we need to grab our first Ingredient it is the pineapple So we're gonna make a Tower it's gonna be pineapple, meat Bacon, meat, bacon and the last thing is that is going to be on the top is going to be my pineapple Okay, we're gonna start with our we pineapple And with our skewers Okay I've put the holes already With the pointy end, but I'm gonna start with the end that has no point Start with this side see so easy because I already made the hole and I'm gonna start with the small pieces Because this will cook faster so it is going to take a little bit longer, so I'm gonna start with that Okay And I Have just two small pieces but that is ok Now the bacon remember we're gonna make the tower so the thing I am going to do the Crafting and this one I am going to put three just because Okay, I will keep building our tower and show you when is the last part Now we're gonna put it together Remember the aluminum foil now it is time to cover this skewers so they don't burn inside your oven Okay, the meat for our Tacos Al Pastor is ready to go inside the oven now We have to cook the meat and the bacon for One hour 20 minutes and is gonna be at 350 degrees Okay, our tacos are ready I Love sour cream and you know that right? so Are you guys ready? you want some? you guys some? Look at that guys! It's amazing! Make it at home And you don't need the trompo that's all you need your oven and it's delicious Okay, guys our tacos they were amazing they're so good and I'm still like Dancing because I make habanero salsa, oh, that's a really spicy! If you like habanero then you know what I mean But I think these are amazing tacos

They're so amazing making at home Take a picture post it on Instagram and show me your tacos and I want to say thank you to my brother Gordillo because he helped me to make this amazing recipe I love you Miguel and Remember, there's no right way or wrong way Simply do it your way put more or put less Anything you want to do at home make it your recipe! Well, see you next time thumbs up and subscribe and share this amazing recipe

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