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How To Cook Tasty Prantha With Left Over Dal for Breakfast/ रात की बची दाल से बना स्वादिष्ट परांठा



today we will make parantha with left over dal first i will take one chopped medium onion now i will add 5-7 carom leaves now i will add washed carom leaves

those who don't have carom leaves may add half spoon carom seeds take 10- 15 curry leaves wash them and chop and add chop carom leaves or add carom seeds instead now i will add washed and chopped 10 -15 curry leaves curry leaves are good for heart and they will enhance the taste of parantha now i will take 2 cups of wheat flour I will now add 2 spoons of gram flour or besan now i will add left over dal to it dal is put cold in it now add salt to tasteremember that dal used also has salt while adding salt if u put more salt it can spoil the taste as dal already contains salt now add garam masala half spoon you may add green or red chillies according to taste I am adding black pepper to taste now add water to it slowly and make a doughit should neither be too tight nor loose Now dough is ready Keep it at rest for 15 – 20 minutes add oil as shown to make prantha soft Fold it as shown and again add oil now make different shapes and cook it with oil on both sides Cook with oil on both sides

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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