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How to Cook the best Congolese Chicken Stew/Meilleur Soso Ya Sauce



Hello everyone, it's easy as you can see, I have my big guy here: Mister Chicken, so today I'm going to show you how to cook a chicken stew

in the same way that we use to do it in Africa but I'm just going to add my little secrets because it's not the chain that will not help if I do not put it here and there so I'm going to use my knife to cut and clean all these places I will use my scissors to go to places where I do not like to use the knife I have a plastic wrap on my cutting board because I do not want the chicken to contaminate my cutting board that I use to cut my vegetables for the chicken that's where they keep the bones of the neck in Africa, we use the bones of the neck and the heart in our stew

Now I have 10 pieces of chicken I will wash it and put it in a saucepan and we'll be back! for my big chicken, I will use 4 maggi cube we will start with that! it's a big chicken 3 garlic Green onions onions it's all the ingredients with which I'm going to boil my chicken I will boil it until I see that the texture of the chicken has changed and all the water has gone down because the chicken is producing its own water and fat so I will not add oil or water

the chicken is on the heat over medium-high heat, I will let it boil for at least 30-45 minutes now it is boiling, I will add 1 bay leaf and I will turn it my chicken is ready to start grilling it looks amazing after grilling my chicken, I'll empty the oil, because I do not want the residue to be on my sauce Now, I'm going to add a little oil of the same oil that I used to grill my chicken

now I'm going to let my tomatoes cook because the tomatoes have this acid in them that I do not want in my sauce green onions onions and garlic handle now I add tomato paste I add water to start making my sauce my sauce looks pretty good, I always prepare it as you can see I want my sauce to taste like a sauce before adding it to my chicken i'm adding my sauce to the chicken i'm adding my chicken sauce I add the whole bottle of chicken broth to my sauce then i am going to let it simmer until the sauce has thicken up do not forget to keep an eye on your chicken So I added the whole bottle of broth to my sauce and then let it simmer until the sauce thickened

do not forget to keep an eye on your chicken

Source: Youtube

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