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How to Cook The Best Maja Blanca Recipe – English


[UltraVid id=326 ]welcome to packing bingo a minion a metallic element iron of Maha Blanca add a team on English and snot infer maja Blanca one and a half cups of cream corn one cup of cornstarch three and a half cups of coconut milk 3/4 cup of sugar and 380 grams of condensed milk we will use a cooking pot and we will set the fire in low heat then we will pour the second extract of coconut milk [Music] now let’s add the sugar then we will pour the condensed milk next we will put the creamed corn and we will stir this to completely dissolve the sugar [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so now we will let it simmer for five to seven minutes so while we are waiting for that we will combine the first extract of coconut milk and the cornstarch so here it is just pour the coconut milk this is actually the first extract and first extract is like the coconut cream okay so here’s the cornstarch then whisk until the cornstarch is still uted okay so let’s go back to our coconut and corn mixture [Music] [Music] now we will pour the coconut and cornstarch mixture okay so here it is we will continuously stir for about 7 to 10 minutes or until the desired thickness is reached [Music] okay so our mixture is now starting to get thick we just have to continuously stir so this is the consistency that we want to achieve we can now turn off the heat autonomy are now adding final product on Maha Blanca inabnitt and show it cheese for a garnishing thick Manhattan hmm set up sha taman tamil on Tamizh at the moon cheese so thank you for watching please don’t forget to share and subscribe for more upcoming videos thank you bye [Music]

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