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How to Cook The PERFECT Boiled Egg like a chef


[UltraVid id=307 ]come at the food busker this week I’m trying a brand new format so this for the sisters is food buskers chef tips these are super short videos that get straight to the point to show you the hacks for shortcuts the chef’s tip that is in session people boom so good and today is the foolproof way to make a soft-boiled egg every time right Paul de Kock let’s get into our panel I pulled that kettle in there and then I’m just gonna turn it up so it gets to a really good rolling boil don’t use a small panel use a good sized pan with a lot of water to make sure that it can fully submerge your eggs in there really amazing piece of technology that you’re gonna use today is a pin what this does is it does something pretty special take your egg something like that and you’re gonna take your egg and you’re basically going to pop a hole in the very bottom now the reason we put a hole in the bottom of the egg is because there’s air inside the egg that starts to escape the moment you put it in the boiling water the problem in egg white star-forming and cooking and becoming solid and so that always leaves a dimple at the bottom of the egg but if you put a hole in the bottom you create a quick escape route for that air and then you have two perfectly formed soft-boiled egg so now it’s time to introduce it into our water next thing you’ve got to do is you’re going to set your timer and a big thank you to the lads from the Iceland Test Kitchen that gave me six minutes okay so that’s six minutes and ten seconds and then I’m going to just take the eggs out and put them directly into some cold water and then I’m going to go and run them on the tap now cold water for about a minute okay so that’s the egg that’s been running in a cold water for about a minute just to cool it down now what we need to do is that we need to dent the shell so you can do it by just tapping it down like that and what’s happened is with the hole that was put in then there’s some theory that there’s a little bit of hot water gets in there and loosens the shell away from the egg and so the added benefit of doing it this way is that it’s really easy to peel and you don’t lose lots of egg in the process now time to slice it [Music] and so that’s how you get perfectly soft hard-boiled eggs every time you know look at it great shape the yolk is still gooey which is what you want you don’t want it to yoki so it just pours out you don’t want it too hard because then it’s horrible genius especially if you’re doing an egg for a ramen it will just look the part so first chef tips video it’s done what did you think of it let me know in the comment box below and if you want to see more videos of this format then tell me what it is you want me to show you I’ve learnt so many things down the years in professional kitchens and I know the lads are bringing through the new techniques and I can share that with you in these really succinct quick videos um share and like the video if you liked it give us a subscribe if you’re liking what we’re doing increase the please spread the love thanks guys see you next time I don’t know where I’m going because I can’t get out this way I have to get that way and I’m the only one in it [Music]

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