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How to Cook the Perfect Burger – with ChefD



OK so I have some ground chuck here, which is a really a blade roast If you're looking at the butcher shop and you want to grind your own get a blade roast and that's what you're looking for and then the other one is, as you can see, this is a little bit more marbled

This is a lot lighter more beef it's actually ground flank steak so you get the lean and the fat going on so you get lots of the nice flavour and then again just kind of brings it all together having both the chuck and flank steak So we're just gonna put both in here, we're just gonna mix this together just like so Now when we're done this making our patties we're gonna put them back in their refrigerator and we're gonna actually keep them in the refrigerator for an hour, because you want your patties to be ice cold when you put them on the barbecue Get them nice and cool and as you can see there's no filler in here there's no egg, there's no breadcrumbs We haven't even put in salt pepper have we? So I think we're ready to go to the bbq I preheated our barbecue to about 450 to 500 degrees which is medium-high you don't want to go too hot because if put the burgers on and it's too hot, they're gonna flare up and they're gonna burn and it's gonna smell and it's not fun

Now we're just gonna close our grill for just a minute, and let them cook and what you want to do is you want to make sure that you don't manhandle (and I don't know how other way to describe it) this is you don't want to manhandle, so you don't wanna be flipping them back and forth because or pressing down on them because we're taking out all that beautiful juice and that beautiful juice is what's gonna make your burger nice and juicy We're gonna open it up and just start seeing they're cooking really nicely We're just going to turn to the side and that's quarter turning them We're gonna close it again We're not gonna look at it for about another y'know, two minutes and then we're gonna turn it over and you're gonna have some amazing burger OK, so now our burgers have done, they're halfway cooked and now we're gonna turn them over

My fires down so it's not too hot yes you are gonna still get some flames, that's normal and because you do have the ground chuck or blade roast, it does have a little bit more fat in it So you're gonna have a little bit of that, but it doesn't hurt it! And our burgers are finishing up now and as I mentioned earlier, the way to make this burger even better is grab some five-year-old cheddar So our friends from Black River we have some amazing five-year-old cheddar we can put our cheddar on our burgers Grab our first toasted bun – our briochegrab a burger for chef Steven A little bit of fries, a little bit of fried onions Your burger sir Thank you! Thanks for joining me at the cottage today with some amazing burger and fries

Thank you! Eat and enjoy! Hey, till next time I'm chef D won't you join me? And it might be at your cottage

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