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How to cook the PERFECT Korean ramen! Roy Choi’s recipe



hey guys welcome back to tastes seoul good

so today we are recreating and testing what has been called the world's most perfect ramen I'm super excited to try it out I've got everything ready here so let's get ready and go alright so if you are new to my channel go ahead and click the subscribe button as I do upload weekly videos on Korean food, life, culture and entertainment and you don't want to miss a video

all right so this recipe was inspired by chef Roy Choi so if you don't know, he's a very famous chef out in California in America, so this recipe is for what he calls the most perfect ramen, so I've got everything here, so I'm gonna start off by having one package of the shin ramyun, this is Koreans favorite ramen, it's sold everywhere, I've got two and a half cups of water, I have one egg, I have two slices of processed American cheese, I have about half of a green onion that's been finely chopped, and the specialty that makes this recipe so unique is about half a teaspoon of butter, that's right, I've never had instant noodles with butter so this should be a very interesting combination so I've got my pot here I'm gonna boil the water

and then we're gonna check it out all right so my water has started boiling so if you're not familiar this pot is special in Korea and it's made exactly for this purpose which is for cooking instant noodles so now that the water has started to boil I'm going to add the noodles to it

so again this is called Shin ramen and this is what is probably the most popular type of instant noodles in Korea and they absolutely love these so these cost 750 won at the grocery store it's very affordable

if you like spicy noodles you'll like this they're not as spicy as maybe the fire chicken noodles but they are t more spicy than maybe a beef noodle so they are very flavorful all right

so here are the instant noodles so I'm going to add it to the pot I'm going to let that cook for about two minutes after that I'm going to add the seasoning packages so these have two different types of seasonings

these are like freeze dried vegetables there's maybe some green onions some beef and some mushrooms and then this is the seasoning packet itself

so i'm gonna wait for the noodles to cook for about 2 more minutes and then we will start adding the next ingredients all right so the noodles have been boiling for about two minutes now I'm going to add the seasoning packets to it

so this is the normal seasoning packet smells really good smells beefy and a little bit of spice to it it's pretty nice and then these are just the freeze-dried vegetables and beef pieces

all right so after the noodles have boiled for about three more minutes it's soaking up that sauce going to add the egg so I've cracked the egg already

I'm going to gently drop it in and let it poach inside so I'm not going to stir it up at all I'm just going to put it inside of this soup and then cover a little bit with the noodles so it gets poached so hopefully I'm going to keep them that runny egg yolk

all right so after its oiled for a few seconds I'm gonna go ahead turn off the heat and then I'm going to add the two slices of American cheese so these are really simple pieces of cheese you can get them anywhere

cheese ramyun isn't very special in Korea you can get that anywhere they absolutely love adding this type of cheese it does make the broth a little richer and cuts down some that spiciness so this is something I've tried before

I've never added two pieces before so this should be a little interesting so I've added that I'm gonna let it melt for a little bit then I'm going to add that special secret ingredient which is the butter so butter isn't very popular in Korea

it's not something that you keep in the refrigerator it is pretty expensive and just something that you don't have a lot and something that I've never seen added to ramyeon so we'll check it out so I'm gonna add this butter into the ramen so I'm gonna add about half a teaspoon of it

let that melt let the cheese melt let the egg cook and then I'm gonna take it off the heat and then add the green onions and then we're ready to enjoy all right so I've removed the cooked ramen off of the heat so now I'm going to add the finishing touch which is the green onion

so this should give it a little bit more flavor it already smells really really nice that egg is hopefully cooked the butters melted the cheese has kind of melted on the top there

it smells really really nice if you've never tried Korean instant noodles or Korean ramen, it's something you should definitely check out so it's not like American ramen which is kind of flavorless and it's not very good Korean ramen is actually really nice it's something that I actually crave and eat sometimes

all right so here is the finished products let's stir it up a little bit I'm gonna be careful not to break that egg so I've got that cheese on top I've got those green onions

let them cook up a little bit they've got that butter that's just floating on top oh it looks so creamy oh there's the egg so it's kind of poached up a little bit

oh my mouth is watering guys it smells really really nice it's gonna be really hot whoo all right so I've got a little bit of the ramen here

we've got the green onions, got a little bit of egg, I've got that broth which is now kind of a bright yellow so it's really cheesy normally I would only add one package of cheese, but let's check it out Bon Appetit Oh interesting

all right so at first I was a little concerned because it did call for two and a half cups of water which I thought was a little too much but I think by adding all that butter it kind of makes the broth more salty so using two and a half cups of water kind of cuts down the saltiness of the flavor packaging in the shin ramyun so I would keep it

I would keep two and a half cups of water you get a lot of that American cheese flavor as well which is pretty salty so if you're on a diet or you're watching your sodium this is something I would not recommend trying because it is pretty salty

hmm you get the crunch of the green onions so the egg that's included isn't really unique it's something that I've done often i think even back home in America

I'd put egg in my instant noodles but it does just kind of give it that extra kick so I would say it really transforms the flavor from that shin Ramiyun which is actually a really good thing that I enjoy the addition of the butter which makes it totally different totally creamy

as well as that cheese by putting two packages of cheese it's just it's kind of cheese overload it's almost like eating a slightly spicy and watery macaroni and cheese because there's that much cheese flavor and then here's kind of the remnants of the egg mmm

so it's really nice when it's poached it's been poached by the water in the ramen package so it's still a little bit of that yellow

so it's really good fantastic I would definitely say this is how I will probably cook my instant noodles from now on as long as I have butter and cheese and green onions in the pantry I will definitely cook it this way he (roy choi) does call for sesame seeds which I forgot to pick up

and unfortunately i don't have sesame seeds in the house but by putting a little bit of sesame seeds on the top it might give a little bit more of a crunch and a little more extra flavor all right so now I want to give the broth a little bit of a taste test by itself so I've eaten most of the noodles in that broth

it is really kind of orange and yellow II it's got all those goodies in it oh oh yeah guys this is where it's at mmm

so normally I wouln't eat the soup base of the noodles by themselves because it would just be way too salty but this is pretty well balanced so you still have pieces of egg that's been poached in there

and then the green onions really excellent alright guys so that ends our video I had an absolutely great time making this Roy Choi ramen recipe I thought it was really good probably some of the best instant noodles that I've had

and I think you should try it out if you do let me know down in the comments below alright so that ends our video if you like to be sure to give me a big thumbs up go and click that subscribe button and turn on notification bell for future videos alright until next time have a great day and I'll see you later

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