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How To Cook The Perfect Pasta – Gordon Ramsay


[UltraVid id=282 ]it can be easily undercooked or overcooked here’s how to do it properly first water Lin nice large pan to make sure the passing got sufficient room to cook evenly nicely seasoned absolutely crucial olive oil in that stops the pasta from sticking together bring up to the ball that’s the rolling boil the secret there it stops the pass from sticking together and it gently rolls it around now this is angel passed a nice thin pasta takes three now to four minutes so into the pan as it hits the water it melts and then you turn it round tongs as that starts to melt gently twist that into the pan bring it back up to the boil if your better timing then set a timer beautiful to test it lift a little strand and you actually feed it with your fingers it’s still nice and firm mmm al dente not a bite not a strong bite but just really nice and firm inside definitely not crunchy and then into a colander drain the pasta in a light seasoning salt and pepper a tablespoon of olive oil mix that through that stops it from sticking together and look there you go beautiful pasta al dente and cook perfectly just as those carrots they’ll go nice and soft don’t overcook them doing that nice texture in there Cudi’s and his rinse the rice that stops the rice from becoming clumpy in the pan

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