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How to cook the perfect porterhouse steak #steak #mediumrare #itiseasy



in this video I'm going to teach you how to cook perfect steak as you like rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done first get a beautiful piece of porterhouse so how do you know is the best porterhouse first look at the marbling in the porterhouse you guys must be curious what is marbling actually marbling is this fat that found between the muscles fibre themselves now put some oil on the porter house and give it some massage another most important thing is you take out the meat 20 minutes before you cook it now season it with salt and pepper make sure you get the chunky cracked pepper okay chunky cracked pepper gives burning sensation inside the mouth and it gives some very very nice heat inside it is time to cook make sure pan is smoking hot so when you put the meat in the pan it need to make sound like this I'm cooking it medium-rare so I'm going to cook one side two minutes and then flip cook another side two minutes as you can see it has a beautiful layer of fat and the one side you want that fat burn right make it very crispy so when you bite in it you get a different kind of flavors inside the mouth make sure the pan is very hot smoking hot like this so it gives the smoking different flavor then seal the edges of the steak so how do you know it's medium rare it is very simple you can check it while it's cooking okay you can simply touch on the surface of the meat and you can tell it's medium rare, medium or medium well you feel the firmness of the meat okay meat becomes more former the more you cook it, base of our thumb has the similar firmness okay so if you press base of your thumb it's quite soft okay that is the firmness that you are looking in rare steak – that's rare steak if you push your first finger and thumb together that medium rare if you push your second finger and thumb together that's medium if you push third finger and thumb together that's medium well and if you push pinky or fourth finger and thumb together that's well done it's beautiful it's juicy it looks tender it is well seasoned looks beautiful (noise- on my goodness) beautifully cooked medium-rare porterhouse hope you guys like this video please don't forget to give thumbs up and subscribe my channel Thank you so much for watching

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