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How to Cook Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji) – Easy Chinese Recipes


[UltraVid id=397 ]hey guys welcome to my first cooking video in my brand new apartment actually I just noticed something here you know one second I just let me be less Asian for a second here I didn’t notice this stuff was still off it’s not like I was trying to let it keep the plastic on the brand-new appliances just to be clear I don’t keep the plastic uh appliances I really didn’t know this until just now so don’t worry myself I saw that this stuff was still on and that so let’s uh let’s get this out of here brand new appliances no plastic be nice anyway today we’re going to cook a really popular dish that a lot of you probably have had before war at least I’ve heard of today we’re going to cook three cup chicken there’s actually a variety of stories of how three cup chicken originated a lot of people know it today as a Taiwanese dish there’s also a story of a song dynasty official this was back in the 14th century his name is Wynton Chang he was imprisoned one day a commoner who really respected him visiting him in prison and brought along a chicken he asked a prison official to cook it for them but the only ingredients the prison official had was sesame oil soy sauce and rice wine and that’s what they used an alkane this delicious dish anyway there are lots of stories about how this dish was originated but no one can dispute how tasty this dish is and how easy it is to make so let me show you how it’s done also this whole cooking process takes about 30 to 40 minutes so I recommend putting on your rice beforehand so that when your chicken is done your rice is ready to eat you’ve got to eat this dish with white rice so here’s my beautiful rice cooker all purple and pink here are the ingredients you need for this dish we have a cup of scallions we have 20 to 25 cloves of garlic yeah that much garlic it’s going to be awesome then you want to make sure to mince the garlic up don’t put it at home we have 10 thinly sliced pieces of ginger we have here green chili pepper that I used about 2 to 3 of we have 2 cups of Thai basil 3 teaspoons of sugar and then we have sesame oil soy sauce and rice wine finally around it 2 pounds of chicken cut up into bite-sized pieces so I’m going to add an additional ingredient into my three cup chicken that’s not very traditional I’m gonna add potatoes you know why because my chicken is gonna be saucy you know what goes so well with saucy chicken potatoes this is why when you go eat fried chicken you need to have mashed potatoes when you eat stewed chicken I’ve got to add potatoes so I have about two potatoes in here and they’re diced up into little pieces this way when it simmers with the chicken in the sauce all the flavors can penetrate these potatoes in short amount of time and if you’re a traditionalist and don’t really want to add potatoes into your three cup chicken and make it taste better then you know whatever you don’t have to add it in but I’m telling you this is gonna make your 3 cup chicken taste even more awesome as you guys can see I’m using chicken breasts typically when you order this dish or cook this dish you’re using chicken thighs and chicken wings and you chop them up in pieces with the bone stone inside but I hate that I don’t like butting into bones sometimes like I fight into it or hurts my teeth the only bad thing about using only chicken breast is its white meat but you know what I’m gonna sacrifice little taste a little moisture so I don’t have to bite into a chicken and chip a tooth anyway you can use chicken wings or chicken thighs I’m gonna stick to the chicken breast now let’s talk a little bit about what those three cups in the 3 cup chicken generally refer to this dish is called sunbae G or 3 cup chicken because typically it cooks a whole chicken and utilizes three cups of three separate sauces the sesame oil soy sauce and rice wine but in our case we’re only cooking with about two pounds of meat so we’re going to cut all that in half all right the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to mix our soy sauce rice wine and sugar into one big bowl we got a big ball in goes our half a cup of soy sauce half a cup of rice wine then we’re going to take our sugar and dump it in we’re going to go ahead and mix that all around it’s okay the sugar it doesn’t completely dissolve it is because this is cold liquid just give it a nice mix and set it aside now we’re ready to cook turn the heat on high and we’re going to go ahead and put half a cup of sesame oil into this pot okay sesame oil goes in heat this up just a bit till it starts bubbling you can hear the popping sounds of the oil alright that sounds good I’m just estimating what a whisper is telling me that it’s good to go so now I’m going to add my ginger garlic and hot peppers ginger garlic hot peppers go ahead and give that a nice stir for just about a minute so the ginger of garlic and pepper can become warm with the oil now your oil is going to be really aromatic so now when you cook the chicken it’s going to get all in there on the chicken and that’s where you want you want things to get into that chicken alright so just about a minute that is smelling so heavenly when this becomes really fragrant that means it’s ready for the chin now you’re going to put your two pounds of chicken right up in there this is my favorite part you get to stir fry this for about three to five minutes until the chicken is white all around and right now it’s soaking all that delicious boil that has the ginger that has the garlic the pepper now it’s looking awesome my chicken looks ready now to dump in my mixture of sugar soy sauce and rice wine there we go here we are soy sauce rice wine and sugar are all mixed in here so now what we’re going to do is we are going to add the potatoes get all the potatoes nice and in there you can bring this to a boil and then turn this on low heat leave your pan uncovered and let this simmer for about 25 to 30 minutes until the sauce starts to thicken this is when all the flavors sink into the chicken and the potato so I am excited here we go I’m going to tuck all the chicken and potatoes in alright so I’m gonna go watch an episode of Friends and let this just simmer I just shut out the heat look how good this is oh my god this looks delicious smells heavenly now for the final part of this cooking process go ahead and turn your heat back on high remember those basil leaves and scallions we set aside before so go ahead and dump those in and just stir-fry that so go ahead and cook down with the rest of your chicken for about a minute and a half to two minutes this smells so awesome getting ginger garlic you know what somebody should actually create a fragrance called three cups chicken all right there we go this dish is officially done kaput finished ready to eat take a look guys you got some wonderful colors in there the sauce is nice and thick especially because I added potatoes the sauce is extra thick and the potatoes in the sauce are gonna taste so mushy and nice and potatoey this is gonna be awesome and then I like to garnish this with a little bit of cilantro some of you guys don’t like cilantro but I love it so there it is everybody 3 cups chicken with some potatoes also here I have some steamed jasmine white rice which smells absolutely fantastic and the sauce is gonna go so good with this rice right here we go mmm this is amazing mmm I said before the potatoes gonna go so well with this dish look at this potato right here it’s perfect it’s soaked in all the sauce all the juice melts in your mouth the cilantro on this actually makes it even better of course if I used to dark me my chicken will be a little more moist but actually I’m okay with breast meat this tastes absolutely fine to me also you want to be careful of this because the ginger does look like a piece of chicken and there has been many times in my life where I’ve bent down into this and thought it was a piece of chicken and got a rude awakening but threw that away now you know what can make this dish even better yeah you do yeah you do here we go my own home cooked hot oil into this dish if you like your rice dish with a kick definitely put hot oil in here it takes this up to a whole different level hmm and guys trust me about the potatoes it’s gonna make this dish so much better you know what else I love about this dish you can reheat it over and over again and always go so perfectly with rice all the sauce soaks into the rice the rice becomes like a tasty entree on its own anyway I have all the ingredients listed in the description box below make sure you take a look at that before you start cooking all right guys go try this dish out and let me know how you like it thank you so much for watching see you later

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