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How to cook vegan saag paneer with tofu & recipe【 Neo Japanese Cooking 】



Let's cook Japanese saag tofu curry Hi ,welcome to Neo Japanese Cooking

I'm chef KG In this video, I'm going to cook Japanese saag paneer with tofu What is saag paneer? Saag paneer is Indian curry Saag is greens like spinach Paneer is fresh Indian cheese

I've never seen paneer in Japan When I had a paneer for the first time in my life in San Francisco, I really thought it's tofu I'm going to use Japanese tofu instead of paneer So, it's dairy free and vegan Let's start cooking saag tofu

Here's ingredients spinach firm tofu onion tomato cooking oil grated ginger and garlic garam masala cumin powder ground turmeric chili pepper soy yogurt Here's instructions Chop spinach Make hot water and boil spinach Cook for 1 minute

Drain hot water Making spinach puree If you have a blender, please use a blender to make spinach puree If you don't have, you can copy my way using hands Drain water from tofu

Cut tofu into dices Slice an onion Cut a tomato into dices Mix all the spices Measures soy yogurt

Heat up a pan Put 1 tablespoon cooking oil Cook tofu After cooking, put tofu aside You can continue cooking using the same pan

Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil Put onion Put ginger and garlic Put all the spices Put tomato

Put spinach puree Put soy yogurt You can put more salt if you like Add tofu Saag tofu is ready How did you like cooking saag tofu? If you like this video, please hit like and subscribe to my channel

Also, if you have any question or requests, please leave it in comments Thanks for watching! I'll see you in the next video!

Source: Youtube

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