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How to cook Vietnamese scrumptious Caramelized ribs_nấu sườn ram mặn ngon



Hi everyone! So today I will be making Vietnamese caramelized spare ribs what you need are spare ribs, chopping pad, and a knife So here you see I have two packs of spare ribs about 2 to 2

5 pounds each I paid about 10 bucks for one of each pack at the Asian store I haven't found these at the American stores yet so you want to buy the spare ribs that have the white cartilage in it because it tastes much much better and it's really tender So what I'm doing right now is I'm just taking off the plastic and so I can cut the spare ribs into little cubes so I can easily marinate them later Here you see that the the spare ribs are chopped up into cubes and these are going to be marinated in this fish sauce that I made So let's talk about the marinating sauce

The mixture includes fish sauce, honey, and lime juice I started off with 1 tablespoon of fish sauce and 2 tablespoons of honey and then I squeeze in a little lime juice and I mix them all together I then tasted it If it tastes too sweet I will add a little bit of water and I taste it again, but if the mixture is too diluted and tastes a little bit bland then I would add a tiny drop, like a less than a teaspoon, of fish sauce in the mixture and then I tasted it again So, the key here is to taste your mixture okay and then adjust it to your liking All right after that put the pan in the fridge for three to four hours and let it marinate

So here I'm going to slice up some onions and garlic These are to be added toward the end of the video so stay tune they're gonna be cooked with the ribs and these give the ribs an unbelievable aroma and they heighten the sense of smell It really makes the whole dish delicious All right so it had been marinated for about three or four hours and it's time to cook them so here I turned the heat on medium-high to high and sear the outside of the ribs to seal in the moisture so it wouldn't be dry I then cover the pan and let the ribs simmer in the pan for about 25 minutes and then I turn down the heat to medium to low meat medium heat

I have a gas stove so it gets really hot so I left it on low heat While the ribs are cooking in a sauce pan I'm going to make caramelized sugar This will be used in the in the ribs later I put about four to five tablespoons of sugar and then I turn the heat to medium heat and then melt it down until it turns into a golden-brown color It also adds more sweetness to balance out the salty fish sauce and beware don't rush this process because if you turn the heat up too high, the the sugar can burn really quickly and it can charred (your meat)

and you'll have to start the process over again so just be cautious of that and also that sugar is really hot so handle with care okay what I'm doing here is I'm just mixing it up I keep mixing it until it becomes a golden color so here you can see it's it's starting to brown When I stop stirring it it's kind of slowly melts and becomes that golden color around the edges so yep so right there that's that's a pretty good color right there what you want to do now is turn off the heat before it burns because it burns really quickly when the sugar is hot and this is when I'm going to turn off the heat and then I'm going to uncover the pan and pour in the sugar mixture and I mix them up mix them right up and make sure that there's like a golden coating on the outside of each rib although we can't really see it in this this video When I see that golden color on the sides of the ribs I cover the pan So this is about when the ribs have been cooking for 25 minutes I uncovered the pan and mixed the ribs up evenly If you see that there's not enough meat juice on the bottom of the pan, I suggest adding a little bit of water so the pain doesn't burn and then you ended up losing your your perfectly cooked ribs

At this time the ribs have completely cooked so you can turned off the heat and just eat it that's fine too but I want to cook them a little bit longer so they can be become more tender and also we are trying to reduce the the moisture Remember the onion and garlic we sliced up early in the video? Now is the time to add them in the pan and cook them for about I would say five to ten minutes with the ribs once again mix them up maybe cover the pan a little bit and I don't think the onions and the garlic will cook thoroughly but five ten minutes should be sufficient at this point the ribs smell really good and they are ready to be served and eaten after five to ten minutes so do you see like the golden color on the ribs so each of these individual ribs should be coated with the caramelized sugar we melt it earlier and that's what gives the that a golden color so on the outside the ribs are tastes pretty really delicious you have to make sure of little bit sweet a little bit of salty it just delicious all right so now I'm just putting of the ribs in my bowl and it's time to serve up this these delicious ribs Time to eat! A bowl of caramelized ribs, a bowl of rice, a hungry person hmmm delicious Let me know if you want more cooking videos Thank you for watching and please like and subscribe to my channel!

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New Cookery Recipes
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