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Hey guys, welcome to my channel My name is Neo In today's video as you can see, it's about how I cook without my legs First things first

The first thing that I do is to just wash my hands Anyways guys, if this is your first time coming to my channel welcome and if it's your second time, or it's your visiting time welcome back and I hope you guys will subscribe to my channel The goal of this channel is to document my life I'm a double amputee mother that lost my legs when I was still young and this channel is just to encourage a lot of people Even if you have legs this channel is for you too so that you can see how different people do things and Hopefully you'll be inspired And my life is just to inspire people and I hope that you guys will subscribe and to make possible this channel As you can see, I've gotten out stuff already that I'm cooking with, and I'm just cutting stuff on my lap The reason why I cut on my lap is because, even though I'm elevated I'm still not high enough to be able to cut anything up there So I just put everything that I wanna cut on my lap and I turn on the stove The banner thing is very far from me But I still managed to catch it, you know, and when things are very high as you can see from the video I just try to stand up and I'll get whatever I want and as you can see this was a Friday morning And I'm making breakfast for my husband and for me, so that's why It looks like a lot of food I know it's not only for myself guys

I know I'm fat It's because I gained weight when I had children and I'm trying to lose the weight so I will not eat this much food so this is for me and my husband and as you can see I'm standing up to turn on the fan The fan is too high for me too So I stand up So yeah, this is the gist of how I do things and when the thing is very high for me I just stand up on the chair And when the thing is very far from me as you can see I try to kind of reach out to whatever the thing is and just try to make it work, and I just move my chair around like this If something is on the fridge I just get it, and just put water as you see on this video I'm just putting water for my tea

I love tea guys I'm from a country called Botswana We drink tea a lot It was colonized by Britain So I like to jokingly tell people like, you know what? We were colonized by Britain, that's why I love tea this much My husband is an American and he doesn't like tea that much So me, tea is just something that I have to have all the time At first my husband could not believe how much I drank tea But I have to drink tea as you can see I'm already starting to make it

I'm making tea bags These tea bags are called Roibos I love roibos a lot It's a very common tea in South Africa, Botswana and some of the South African countries Even in America here I see it That's where even I buy it So roibos is a good tea in case you want to check it out; Just check rooibos tea Yeah, as you can see my life guys I hope this video is very inspiring to you and it will help you to be inspired and see life in a different light, that even if you don't have something just be thankful for your legs I mean some people like me don't have legs and it's not that easy as you can see from this video I hope that you'll be thankful for your life and honestly, I wish that I had legs but I don't have legs so I tried to make use of anything that I have which is ability to be able to cook, which is the ability to be able to carry children in my belly to be able to do those stuff

So I'm thankful for all those small things that I have Yeah, guys my food is ready I hope I kept busy as you're watching my video and please Subscribe, like and if there's any suggestion you wanna make for me, put it down in the comments below and yeah That's my breakfast is ready I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit of cheese I love cheese guys I love cheese and my tea is ready guys and thank you so so much for watching and please follow my channel and subscribe Bye Bye

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