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How to Generate (Almost) Anything, Episode 2: Human-AI Collaborated Pizza (Shorter Version)



hi everyone we are in front Crush Pizza and we are going to do an AI-generated pizza with Tony who is the owner and chef of the pizza place hey guys I'm Tony Naser from Crush Pizza in Boston and we're gonna put together a bunch of pizzas that the AI [] [showing print-outs of AI-generated recipes] artificial intelligence algorithm put together [showing print-outs of AI-generated recipes] here they are [showing print-outs of AI-generated recipes] and we're gonna start working on them Blueberry spinach sounds really really good yay! yeah, that sounds really good yeah? what's that? now [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] did you find caramel cheese? [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] I have caramel with me [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] so I just thought [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] we can put the caramel [with the cheese] [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] okay [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] there is no such thing as 'caramel cheese'? [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] yeah [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] it is making some of the stuff up [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] oh, I got you, yeah, yeah [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] that's what I was thinking [talking about 'snipped caramel cheese' AI dreamed-up] 'cause I couldn't find them we got some organic blueberries so this one calls for red sauce pizza sauce I think

we can try it both ways we can try it with red sauce, and white sauce I think that white sauce would probably go a little bit better with this so what you wanna do is spirals of the white sauce the white sauce already has garlic it is a garlic cream sauce that has a lot of flavor alright? [adding ingredients] do you think a little bit heat would go good with this? a little bit spicy, or no? actually, it contrast with the blueberries it does contrast yeah, where can I get some right there, crushed red pepper that was 90 seconds yeah oh, my god look at this Wow, it looks great Tony and Deeksha made the first pizza and we are going to taste them so, how is it? I love it! it is great I got to try it blueberries are roasted and then [] actually, I don't taste the blueberry it's kind of [melted out] oh, really? what do you think? I think he's right you can't really taste the blueberry much I do I do, yeah can you taste it? very clearly but it's very good all the contrast is there all the flavors there so George and Tony are going to make bacon, avocado and peach pizza awesome what kind of sauce? it doesn't have any sauce no sauce? so what we'll do if there is no sauce you just put a little bit [olive] oil for base yeah a little bit of parmesan cheese [adding ingredients] that one looks good why, thank you! I did try my best wow, it looks really good So, now we did the second pizza this one is avocado, bacon and peach pizza yeah hot, smoking hot? yeah, he is burning probably wow it's actually really good 'cause there is bacon in there how was it, good? this is really good, yeah is this a pizza you would buy at a [restaurant]? actually, I would I think I would it tastes like Hawaiian pizzas what does the chef think? yeah, it is really good what kind of dressing is this? wale walnut ranch dressing [that AI dreamed-up] so which we don't have yeah we will go with [] maybe we will go with garlic sauce we are gonna do a white pizza I think this adds a little bit more flavor alright I am not sure if the jam will fit to the shrimp it will it will? yeah, it's gonna go to the sausage, too I think we should add a little bit of rosemary you know, rosemary goes really good with the shrimp and goes with the jam alright whoo that one looks really nice I think it's gonna be really good what kind is that one? do you wanna try this? yeah, that one looks good actually it smells good I love shrimp I think it's gonna be really good shrimp on pizzas, awesome it's hot good? it's good, right? this is really good, yeah Tony, did you like it? it's the best one so far oh, my god wow, machine so, Tony thinks arugula will fit nicely to the recipe even though the recipe doesn't call for it and that's why we want human-AI collaboration yeah, right? so, we have this giant sweet potato and we will mash it up [adding ingredients] [adding cheddar cheese] [talking about new office spaces MIT is building] I think that's actually gonna be [talking about new office spaces MIT is building] a little bit more office space [talking about new office spaces MIT is building] and beneath will be like food [talking about new office spaces MIT is building] beneath will be the pizza yeah that looks really good, what is that one? sweet potato, brie cheese beans, onions, cheddar cheese I think my favorite is the shrimp one yeah that was good this [salami] might elevate it a little bit you might be surprised so, we are adding balsamic sauce because our chef thinks it will fit nicely yes Our chef's looked at the recipe and he thought that tomato sauce shouldn't be there should be left out, yeah so we should go for it I just think everything [else] will go good with the ricotta cheese yeah [adding ricotta cheese] we are gonna cook this one slow so the cranberries don't burn and you have great music here thank you that's what I was gonna say, too your music is really good brings back the oldies yeah we have to make it appealing for everybody you know, we do have hip-hop and all that stuff, too I would prefer this, actually so, we are trying apricot, pear, cranberry and ricotta pizza this is truly a dessert pizza oh, really? yeah, like the cinnamon flavor yeah this is really good if you think about it the ingredients [] really, there is no more new ingredients 'cause everything is already out there you are not finding any new ricotta cheese and so on it's all the same stuff [

] so do you think the technology can help chefs like you to come up with [] I think it's pretty good because maybe it will put together a combination that you won't think of yeah you know and then you tweak it from there I think it's [] really good you know, it's inspirational I think it's great it gives you inspiration

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