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this what we made alreadyHello peeps, now we cook stinging nettle soup and it called brennele suppe in Norwegian

This plant can burn you skin,you shou use gloves,scissors and bowl,then I find stinging nettle at the backyard if there isWe shold need gloves to harvest the nettles becuase its so hurst when you can touch, but when it is cook already not stinging anymoreOkay lest go we find a stinging nettles I always pick stinging nettles in our backyard,becuase it is cleanThiese are the stinging nettles, its very itching and hurts when you can touch it in your skin , this is what we cook

What I did this,i harvest a lot during summer and put in the freezer,then during winter,i have stinging nettles to cookJust be careful in picking the stinging nettles, ah! oh myits hurst even I,m using gloves

It can really burn your skin,others can get allergic reaction,my sister in law is allergic with stinging nettles Here guys, we have this already and we will make soup now Marielle, I can make soup for youwhat mamma can cook, Marielle? brennesle suppe, marielle reply This her favorite she saidNow, we go inside, so we can cook thisNettles soup

Firts, yu should only washlook! there is a wormlook at properly becuase it is so green but anyway worm is eatable also from plant right?Wash the stinging nettles and use clips so that you cannot be stingCan include worm in the soup? hahahhaaWash it Clean alreay and ready to cook

But we should also mix with potatoes and cauliflower so that we could not cook rice or pasta in partner to thisThis is our lunch We should peel the potatoes,then doneCut the potatoes,then boil a water in the kettle and put nettles Let it cook about 20 minutes

While waiting we cut the potatoes We should cook the nettles well so that it is not itchyMy mother in law who taught me this,about plants in Norway My mom in law She taught me many kinds of plants here in Norway but i forgot some becuase i did not do it

This is only I remember and some kind of plants that it could be eatable and you can make salad as will Next time, i will show you Now, continue boiling,until it tender and cookedit takes 15-20 minutes to boil in order to cook the stinging nettles, now we can put the pototaoes and cauliflower at the same timeMix all

Then cook the potatoes till it tender, put salt to taste then tomato for tasteIts cooked already now, we can blend You can use blend mixer But prefer to use hand mixer, ,should cover it when you blend becuase stil hot it when you mix so that it avoid springkle

Guys, this is now our soup, it done Now try to taste itmmm its good the taste is deliciousyou can put also knor cubes if you wantThis is how we cook That's simple as this, t cook nettles this is one of her favorites soupIt is hot

It can make you satisfy becuase we cook it with potatoes and cauliflower and cauliflower in this soup Very deliciousits yummy This is it guys, very simple and be resourceful and is not costly becuase you can find only in your back yard Thatnk you for wtching and I hope you can learn something from this I hope you can try this also if there is stinging nettles at your backyard Thank you so much and if you are not subscribing to my youtube channel please click the bell bellow and subscribe All4Vendale

Thank you

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New Cookery Recipes
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