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How To Make Α Vegan Burger & Sweet Potatoes Wedges | Vlog Athens | #DoStathi



Hello friends, welcome to Do Stathi! I hope everyone is fine in your life and in what you do! Today's video is slightly different it's a challenge for me but I really enjoyed it It's too early 8 o'clock in the morning I woke up at 6 and I got my breakfast which it contained 1 1/2 Cucumber Oat, 1 Kg Honey, 1 Kc Tahini 1/2 Kg Cocoa powder, 1/2 cup of goat's milk I mixed them together and I made a very nice breakfast was precisely a "bomb" of vitamins I feel terrible and it's 8 in the morning after that I will make up a vegetarian burgers that is today's recipe and after that what will I do? I will take the camera I will meet a friend and we will go out to enjoy our day because today has 26 degrees and has a lot of heat I can not stay home because it really has too much heat today So enjoy the video with me enjoy it all Let's go now to make our recipe after the recipe we'll be back enjoy once again the video! We call them kids! Hello!! 350 g oats 1 Kc Curcuma 1 Kc Sweet Paprika 1 Glass of Water Mix all the ingredients together to make dough Separate the dough from the water Keep water for later use 1 Kc Olive Oil 1 Red Onion 2 Cloves Garlic 1 Carrot 1 Orange Pepper 1 Red Pepper 50 g of corn 50 g of Arachas 10 cherry tomatoes 1/2 Glass of Water MORE COLORS MULTIPLE 200 g Mushrooms Flounders 1/2 Glass White wine Salt to your taste Mix oatmeal with vegetables Make small vegetable balls Fry on low heat Close the temperature in the pan Pour oat water Peel the sweet potatoes Cut in wedge shape (CAUTION your hands are too hard to cut) 1 Kc Olive Oil Salt to your taste 1 Kc Sweet Paprika Oven at 175 degrees Fan for 17 minutes Car Action We are at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation! This is Harris Hi Thanks !!!!!!!! We came to get nice shots But first we have to find coffee brown coffee We will drink our coffee and enjoy the goddess We say kids again afterwards !!! As you see, we enjoy the goddess with my friend Harris We still drink coffee After that we will explore the Stavros Niarchos Foundation It has a great view around the Stavros Niarchos Foundation which is the port of Piraeus The largest port of Greece, bordering the city of Athens There are two different areas I hope you enjoy our route so far It's an incredible day too hot We'll tell you later and enjoy the view! Stavros Niarchos Foundation Peace and Friendship Stadium Georgios Averoff (armored cruiser) We left the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Again for coffee I talk! Hahaha ! We continue the walk around the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Olympic complex Hello guys here with Harris We had a very nice day very relaxed with conversations, enough walking As you saw, we went to a fitness gym we had everything in this ride and sea as well now unfortunately we turn back to the car to leave Harris – We had a very nice day I'm glad to hear this (after 4 hours of walking) hahaha Thank you for being here Hello children to the next video! Be all good at that but whatever you do! Academy of Athens Athens university

Source: Youtube

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