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How To Make 3 Of Rie's Famous Bread Dough Recipes • Tasty



Hi, I'm Rie Today I'm going to show you how to make three amazing recipe using homemade bread dough

(cheerful music) – So this bread dough recipe, I got it from the restaurant I used to work for Our pastry chef Joe, who is my mentor, he told me this recipe It's very versatile recipe So I made three different way you can make something at home I used to make this every day

Because we make it fresh every day When you are using yeast, yeast likes warm temperature water And they like sugar Don't use hot water, because that kills yeast, and cold water doesn't activate the yeast So make sure to use lukewarm water

And you have to knead it very well, about eight to ten minutes until dough becomes very bouncy So this is kind of how I'm poking dough And it bounce back Also you have to rest it, and rise the dough about one hour to two hours, in a warm place (upbeat violin music) As a trick when you are shaping dinner roll, is to close the seams so it's kind of hold nice cute round shape

If you wanted to make it the day in advance, you can put it in the refrigerator, and rest it for overnight One of the bread recipes sticky bun Sticky bun was really good It was very delicious Sticky bun is a bread with sweet caramel on the bottom

It's like gooey caramel bread It's so good Sticky buns is great for breakfast, and I love sweet breakfast, like french toast, and pancakes and waffles It's my favorite I feel like if you eat sweet things in morning, you feel less guilty

So I feel like you can eat as much as you want Maybe Maybe not

It's very different than breakfast I would eat in Japan It's the same process as for the dinner roll You just put brown sugar and a butter mixture on the bottom of the skillet, and bake it in the oven (lively country music) So, for focaccia you use the same dough, just instead of cutting it into individual portions, you use whole dough, and spread it Then poke holes with your fingers

It helps to soak the olive oil more It's just like a nice feeling if you kind of sink your fingers in the dough So embrace that moment when you're making it I use the rosemary olive oil, salt and black pepper I was called out by Talia Oden saying that this is not focaccia

But this is how we made it in the restaurant in America So maybe it's American Focaccia? But it's definitely tasty (cheerful mandolin solo) Making bread is very inexpensive and easy to impress your friends Sometimes making bread sounds a little bit intimidating, but this recipe is very simple and easy So if you're first time baking bread, give this a try

(giggles) – [Man Off-Screen] Yes – Yes – [Man Off Screen] Okay – Okay – [Man Off Screen] Let's cut

(cheerful mandolin melody)

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