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(upbeat jazzy music) – So to start these milk buns, you want to make a tangzhong, so that's the starter, which you're gonna end up chilling in the fridge for an hour It's really easy to make, it comes together really easily, and that's gonna help give the milk buns this really incredible soft luscious flavor

So once your starter's cool, you're gonna start making the dough The dough's really easy to make, but I think the crucial point about this is that it gets really sticky and that you need to knead it for like 20 minutes I know it sounds like a long time and it's gonna seem like it's not coming together but if you keep kneading it, it'll gradually form a ball that you can work with So when you're making bread, you always wanna use a starter In this case we're making a tangzhong, which is a really easy starter to make

It just has bread flour, whole milk, and water Other starters might have yeast, but we're gonna add that later in the process Kneading the dough for a long time is going to help produce the gluten which is gonna make a really airy, fluffy bread I played around with a few recipes when I was developing this and when I first made it I was like, "Do you really need to knead it for this long?" And you really do, in order to get that fluffiness, you really need to take your time with the dough After you've kneaded the dough, you're gonna let it rise for an hour, hour and a half

That's a really basic step in bread making After the dough has risen, it's time to divide it into individual portions So once you divide the dough up, you can flatten a piece out so that it's like yay big, and then add your filling of choice I added pulled pork just because I love it, but you could add any filling you want At that point you're gonna pinch each side up to slowly seal it

Then flip it over so that the seal is on the bottom and that the smooth side is on the top So for Thanksgiving I actually had milk buns rather than dinner rolls, and everyone loves the buns, they're like the best thing ever Put the formed buns back in the baking pan Of course you want really beautiful, glossy buns, so brush them with an egg wash, and then you're gonna bake it You could also add toppings like seeds, you could use like an everything bagel spice

You could really get creative here I like to add sesame seeds I think it just adds a little bit of extra flavor It's really aesthetically pleasing You could even add flaky sea salt, really whatever you want

You only need to bake it for 25, 30 minutes until they're nice and golden brown At this point you're done Just let them cool, pop them out, and go crazy I love getting milk buns when I go out to eat and this was actually the first time I'd have ever made the recipe It was really, really fun to make

I think the joy of this is that you can stuff it, like I did with pulled pork, or you can put in other ingredients, other types of meat, vegetables, or you can just have buns by themselves I think milk buns are so good because they're so fluffy It's truly like the fluffiest bread you can get So you can make this recipe for a dinner party, if you just want plain buns on the side You can make it for a picnic, you could bring it to the beach, I mean these are great for a barbecue

There's so many options Today I'm gonna show you how to make my sheet pain barbecue chicken cornbread sandwiches It's a mouthful but it's really good (upbeat music) Cornbread and barbecue are such a classic combination and I thought it might be cool to just put them together and also to take out some of the stress of having people having to do it by themselves With the sandwich you get it all in one

While I was developing this recipe, it was really important to have cornbread that could stay in a sheet and not crumble apart Some cornbread can be really dense and crumbly, which has its moments, but for this, we needed something a little more malleable (upbeat music) I think for me, this is a perfect thing for a summer barbecue, a party, a long weekend It's really a crowd pleaser and it's pretty easy to do (upbeat music) You wanna make sure to grease the baking sheets and line them with parchment paper

If you don't line them with parchment paper, you're not gonna be able to peel them off in one sheet and that kinda defeats the whole purpose You wanna make sure to divide them evenly between the two sheet pans You don't want one thicker and one thinner, again, it's a sandwich, you want them even on both sides The cornbread bakes really quickly, it'll be done in something like 15 minutes So while the cornbread's baking, you can move on to the next step, which is making your own barbecue sauce

I think when you're making your own barbecue sauce the joy is that you can control some elements Like if you want it more spicy, you can add more heat If you want it sweeter you can add more sugar I just really like the element of control that you have when you're making your own barbecue sauce at home A lot of people use store bought but it's actually really easy to make your own sauce

It will come together in a matter of minutes So in addition to making our own barbecue sauce we're also gonna make our own coleslaw The base for the coleslaw's really easy It's basically mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, and some seasoning (upbeat music) So for this coleslaw I'm using cabbage and carrots

If you wanted to add something else, you totally could (upbeat music) You're gonna add the shredded chicken to the barbecue sauce, give it a stir, it's that easy When you're ready to assemble, you'll place the shredded chicken all over the cornbread, top it with coleslaw, put the other cornbread on top of it, and then you can slice it into pieces as big or as small as you want (upbeat music) You can make really small and make them like sliders for a party, or you can make them bigger if you're having a family barbecue People love this idea that's kind of novel, of having a sheet pan sandwich

I think the joy of the sandwich is having this really salty chicken, this really flavorful coleslaw, and then of course the cornbread and it's all together and you can just have it in one bite Truly the best combination I put chicken inside this sandwich but you can use pulled pork, brisket, whatever your favorite barbecue is Let us know in the comments Today I'm going to show you how to make my Chicken Teriyaki Crispy Rice Noodle bowl

I love chicken teriyaki but it can often feel so heavy to me and I wanted to make it in a way that felt lighter, and a little more exciting So I think using the fried noodles, incorporating some of these other really fresh toppings, makes it feel fresh and exciting while still having that really incredible flavor from the teriyaki sauce So to start this recipe you're going to make the teriyaki sauce It's really simple, you're whisking a few ingredients together and set it aside So I used really thin vermicelli noodles for this

So you wanna make sure that you're taking small portions of the noodles off If you put the whole thing in, it's not gonna fry correctly Break it apart, take a handful of the dried noodles, before you start to fry You also want to fry the noodles in batches so that they all get evenly cooked If you overcrowd the pan, they're gonna get burned

So whenever you're frying you really wanna make sure it's the right temperature so you get the right consistency and that it cooks through We tried frying these noodles at different temperatures and too low and nothing happens They just become like oily noodles If it's too high, the noodles get brown really fast So you really wanna use a thermometer

So the rice noodles are gonna cook really, really, fast As soon as they've expanded, you can use a slotted spoon to remove them onto a sheet tray Once you've fried the vermicelli noodles, they just get this incredible crunch, which I personally love So once your noodles are fried you can move on to the chicken Gonna salt and pepper the chicken

(jazzy music) Add it to a wok (jazzy music) And at this point, then you're gonna add the reserve teriyaki sauce This takes a few minutes and the chicken's gonna get really shellacked with this incredible sauce It's gonna be deep and flavorful and it's truly such a good sauce Could just kinda drink it, if you wanted

I think the joy of this dish is that it has a ton of flavor but that it's really easy to do Frying, sure, will take a few minutes, but honestly you could do this for under an hour This could be a weeknight meal that's more interesting than take out, and it's more interesting than your usual chicken teriyaki Once you're done with the chicken you can serve it over the noodles I added some stuff like snap peas, radishes, scallions, but you can top it with whatever you like

(jazzy music) You can also just make the chicken on your own You could make the rice on their own and put other toppings, something like shrimp, or vegetarian stir fry It's a very versatile recipe These noodles are worth making on their own The chicken teriyaki's worth making on its own but if you make it and use other ingredients, other toppings, let us know in the comments

We wanna see what you're making at home (jazzy music)

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