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How To Make A Grilled Burger: Homemade Hamburger Recipe


[UltraVid id=370 ]hey folks Philly boy Jay back here with another video and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to make home made hamburgers and these are the fast I said the best homemade hamburgers that you’re ever gonna taste in your whole life this is a really delicious homemade hamburger recipe and first we’re gonna talk about the ingredients that you’re gonna be combining with your ground beef to make your burgers alright we’re going to be using that we’re gonna be using some words such as Shire sauce that’s going to give the hamburger a nice beefy flavor so you want to use that you always want to use that whenever you’re making anything with beef we’re gonna be using some liquid smoke and that’s basically going to give the burgers a nice smoky grill flavor and taste the season is that we’re going to be using our salt and pepper gonna use a generous amount of both you don’t want to over season the burger we want to also be using some minced garlic and some green peppers we’re going to be chopping the green peppers up it’s a really really small pieces that’s going to give the hamburgers additional flavor now if you don’t have minced garlic you can use garlic powder alright and so buying the burgers together you’re gonna be using a large egg and some breadcrumbs you don’t have to use an egg but I recommend that you do so to help the burgers bind together all right okay guys so we’re going to do now is we want to chop up half a green pepper into really really small pieces you want to make sure that you guys them into really really small pieces like this the long way and the reason that you dice them up it’s a bully bully find pieces because you don’t want to bite into a burger with big chunks of growing peppers okay you want to be really really fine and then we’re gonna dye some this way so there are your diced green peppers that’s the way you want to look nice and small like that nice and finely diced so make sure that you chop your green peppers up so that they look just like that all right okay guys so now what you’re going to do is you’re going to get a big mixing bowl and here I have 1.73 pounds of ground beef you can use ground chicken if you want or ground turkey they do claim that ground chicken and ground turkey is up there but I’m going to go the traditional route and we’re gonna be using some ground beef today all right okay guys so we’re going to do is we’re going to begin to add the ground beef to the mixing bowl make sure your ground beef is fully thawed out before doing so again this is one and a half pounds of ground beef go ahead and add our green peppers he’s also philadelphia-style homemade hamburgers folks okay guys because the minced garlic is really really strong we’re gonna add about two tablespoons of minced garlic juice and one tablespoon of extra minced garlic here I have some salt now a lot of people are against adding salt before you combine everything together because they believe that that changes the texture of the hamburger but I’m gonna use a little bit anyway recommended amount I would say would be about 1 teaspoon you don’t want to over season this next we’re gonna add about a tablespoon of black pepper some water sire sauce and that’s to give the hamburger a nice beefy flavor you’re gonna add about one tablespoon worth of warships entire sauce some people like their burgers to have that barbecue flavor so if you want to add barbecue I recommend that you add about a tablespoon worth I’m also going to be adding some liquid smoke to give it that smoky flavor all right so I’m going to add about two tablespoons of that so what we’re going to use is one large egg now some people like to use flour but I like to use bread crumbs and the amount that you use totally depends upon the amount of ground beat that you’re using but I’m only going to use a bow one cup worth of bread crumbs so just to let you know guys you can add whatever seasoning or condiments you want to give you the taste that you want your burgers I have if you want your burgers to have that barbecue flavor you can add a little bit of barbecue sauce like I said earlier also if you wanted to have that hickory smoke taste you can add some hickory smoked barbecue sauce so now we’re going to do is we going to blend these ingredients together and make sure that you don’t blend them together too rough and you don’t want to over blend them together because that would change the texture of the hamburger so let’s blend them together now you so this is the shape that you want your burgers to be sort of like that four inches long four inches a lot so I’m going to shape the rest of this meat into burger patties and I’ll get back with you when I’m done and show you guys how it looked okay guys so this is the way the beef patties look so our hamburgers look you have to combine them all together this is sort of the way you want them to look okay so make sure they look like that those are hamburgers um we’re going to grow them you can cook them have it you want to cook them you can fry them on a pan with a little bit of oil over a medium heat but we’re going to be grilling our burgers today if you do decide to fry them instead of grilling them do not use the liquid smoke the liquid smoke is just to enhance that grill flavor all right okay guys so here we have a tomato and we have a onion what some people like to do but they like to add the onions and the tomatoes to their burger after it’s done and they like to add it raw but I like to grill my onions and my tomatoes along with the burger so we’re going to be cutting the onions like this the long way down we’re going to place them on top of the burgers once the burgers are almost done you want your onions that have that grill flavor as well and this is the reason why I do that I don’t like raw onions on my burger but if you do you do not have to grill your onions and I like my tomatoes on the thinner side tomatoes on a burger are supposed to be rather thin so we’re gonna chop them up into thin pieces and here you have it guys your chopped up onions and tomatoes okay guys so here are our hamburgers we’re gonna place them on the grill now and I’ll show you how they look when they’re almost done and when I almost done like I said earlier we’re gonna add the onions and the tomatoes so that they can grill as well all right but this is not a hamburgers look now some people do place in aluminum for you over the grill rack but if you want your burgers to have those grill the lines in them you’re not going to do that you’re gonna press the burgers down on the rack so they can get those lines in the burger play someone a grill like this okay okay guys so we’re going to cook these burgers on til that done I do recommend that you close the lid so that they’re cooked faster it should take about 20 to 25 minutes about 15 to 10 minutes on each side all right hamburgers are lookin delicious so we’re gonna flip them over you can see the lines in them see look at that nice and crispy too you can even smell that liquid smoke in that war treasure sire sauce that we put in it but on yeah bad boys looking good and these are corn on the cob by the way okay so since they’re almost done what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna sit some cheese over them along with the onions okay guys so we let these go for another 15 minutes we’re gonna let the cheese melt and we’re gonna let the onions grow a little bit you’re never gonna be just about all done all right so I like to grow my tomatoes as well so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sit them on the grill along with the hamburger cheese onions again you don’t have to do this this is optional but I just like cook onions and cook tomatoes on my burgers I’m going to close the lid and let them continue to cook it should melt and the onions and tomatoes should be grilled within about another 15 minutes all right okay here’s some potato salad that I put together I’m sure some of you have seen my previous video on how to make potato salad have some relish some potatoes some eggs some peppers some celery some Mayo I sprinkled a little bit of salt pepper and sugar into it and we’re going to stir it up okay guys so here’s how my potato cider look if you want the full recipe on how I make my potato salad check my other videos out I’ve already done two videos on how I make my potato salad all right but this is how it looks it’s really really good and uh yeah give it a try okay guys so our cheese has melted in our onions that brown so have our tomatoes so we’re going to get ready to plate our hamburgers now all right let’s go do that let’s go put them on some buns okay so here’s how I make my hamburger first I add a little bit of mayo a little bit of me or not too much I like the fat already up with letters just a little bit we want to fight all that up with my grilled tomatoes want to follow that up with our hamburger cheese and onions and this part is optional but you can add two small pickles just a little bit of ketchup you you

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