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hello gorgeous welcome back to my channel I have a different kind of video for you guys today I'm teaching you how to make baby food if you listen to Hello Baby podcast we did a whole episode about homemade baby food I thought some comments you guys wanted to see how I did it so we're gonna jump right in and make some baby food today okay so first off we're gonna start with sweet potatoes so sweet potatoes I think are the first food that I ever made for McKenley she loves them so I went ahead and I removed the peeling I peeled them peeled them and so all I'm gonna do now is chop them up if not the water boiling behind me I'm gonna make several different things that's why I have the three different pots going I'm gonna cut them up pop them in the water let it boil until they're soft and then we'll go from there so basically the way you would make mashed potatoes is the way that we're gonna make these today I personally think that the smaller the pieces are the faster for them for it takes for them to cook through Wow okay so now that they're in there and they're boiling we're gonna let them cook until they're basically like really well done because we're gonna puree them so I don't know on medium heat maybe like ten minutes I just keep going back and checking them with a fork for tenderness so after our while that's cooking I'm gonna actually prep the next food okay next up we have some apples but we actually like to combine two things because it's a way to get her greens so McKenley doesn't like veggies unless it's sweet potatoes or carrots she likes sweet and I know that's a really bad thing that we've started but the way I'm combating that is by combining apples with spinach and she loves it it's like one of her favorite things so I'm just peeling some apples right now you probably recognize this bag if you're at Costco shop or it's her favorite place to buy produce it you can get organic at a really great price and their produce is just amazing actually comment below if you'd like to see a video from me about our favorite things to buy at Costco because I'm thinking about that I feel like it's a good one I did a Trader Joe's post on my blog and and you all really liked it so all I'm doing here is peeling my apples while the sweet potatoes are cooking behind me I'm using a potato peeler for me I use this always when I'm peeling fruit or vegetables just because I feel like it's safer Matt doesn't really like me to have knifes very often and if you watch me cut some fruits and vegetables here you'll understand why okay so we buy one of these big tubs of organic spinach that's already rinsed washed ready to eat so what I do is for every Apple that I boil or make for this baby food I actually then put one big handful of spinach into the pot so I mean like I'm talking big like good spinach cooks down so fast if you're familiar with like making creamed spinach to like it's huge the reason that I do so much spinach to Apple ratio is that she's getting more greens than she is sweet and I trick her every time she loves it next we're gonna do peaches but we're gonna do a little bit of a twist on the ads and blueberries in I learned from trial and error that when you boil peaches down or I'm sorry blueberries down they lose their flavor which means that they lose their sweetness and they're kind of just bland so we're gonna do that a little bit different but what I did was I I went ahead and I cut up my peaches peel them and peaches are so in season right now at Costco they're so good just and she's our little Georgia Peach I'm gonna boil these and then as they get close to being done I'm going to add the blueberries in at the last minute just to get them a little bit softer and then we're gonna puree them up so when I rinse my vegetables and fruits I like to use a cleaner especially because they're for her and I want to make sure there's no pesticides or anything on them but we do yours and use organic fruits and vegetables so I guess really what I want to make sure is that there's no doodoo on them you know for sure so I use a fruit and vegetable wash I actually I think I've got this one on Amazon I'll link it below this one's a bit organic I'm sure there's plenty of them at different stores but this is just the one that we have so I do is i spritz them really good and then I rinse them and then let them drain all right so the sweet potatoes are done I have my strainer down here and the think I'm going to go ahead and drain them and then we're gonna make it into baby food so while I'm doing this I just wanted to explain to you guys why I got into baby making my own baby food there's a couple reasons why one is for the facial that I'm getting right now with steam no I I started making my own baby food because I wanted to know exactly what I was feeding McKenley and I started reading this website it's called clean and clean label list I think it is a clean label and I'll link it below it's on my blog if you want to check it out so basically I found out that a lot of baby foods have a lot of added chemicals such as like arsenic hello why are we gonna feed that to our kids so that freaked me out and I wanted to just try and make my own baby food basically and that way I know exactly what's going into it I can buy the best fruits and vegetables that I can find and also it's cheaper like if you're on a budget it's way cheaper so these two sweet potatoes are probably gonna make at least six jar fools a baby food like that's incredible and you're gonna pay a lot more than that if you buy jarred baby food so here we go here they are they are completely drained so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to mix in a couple of ingredients real quick okay so a couple of things that I like to add to my sweet potatoes because I want to expand her palate I don't want her to get used to bland vegetables and fruits and that's it so I'm adding a little bit of grass-fed butter in there and then also I like to add a little cinnamon and I do that because I want to add some healthy fats and I want to add some spices and seasoning so that she gets used to other tastes I don't want her to be a picky eater doesn't she may still be a picky eater I know that but if I can try to like introduce some things earlier on maybe it'll help her so now that I've got my cinnamon and my butter in there I'm gonna add these to my blender so I used the baby bullet you don't have to have the baby bullet in order to make baby food obviously I just knew from before I even had her that I wanted to try to make my own baby food so I registered for this it was a baby shower gift and I loved it but if you have like the nutribullet the Magic Bullet or like a blender that gets things really fine and pureed it'll do the same thing I just personally like it become because it comes with its own little food holders containers containers use your words and those are the tone baby food containers so I thought that the whole system was really cool it's convenient it comes with two different blades so one is for milling and one is for terrain I'm making this up as I go can you tell okay so I've got this in it's way too full I don't suggest filling at that pool but you know it is what it is and then I started hey baby you see what I'm gonna do it scares her every time she's over here in the wheel and the loose sit in the wheelchair she's over there in the highchair and so this always freaks her out so hey you see this I'm gonna do this okay okay we're gonna blend it up so I'm just gonna mix this in a little bit more because it tends to really like get the bottom but not the top especially when you fill it too full like I did whoops and then we're gonna do it again you got this girlfriend okay so the cool thing about these jars that come with it is that it's got numbers along the top so that you can mark it to the date that you make the baby foods that you know how long it's been in the fridge I think that's like just super helpful so I just filled this up and then I personally I filled them to the top the thing that I forgot to say to when I was showing you what those in here is that you have to add water in order to get the pureed consistency so don't forget to do that because otherwise it's gonna just be like chunky and dry you've got to have water in there put my lid on and there you go you have your fresh cinnamon sweet potatoes are ready for the week so I like to make enough food well I like to cook her baby food one day a week and prep for the whole week and usually that Sunday but I make a lot at one time because baby foods really only supposed to be in the fridge for like three days so really I'm making about three days worth sometimes like I'll let it go like four I'll smell it make sure it's okay and then the excess I won't go ahead and I put in freezer containers and I freeze it to be used later on in the week or maybe later on in the month okay so I've got the apples and spinach out there ready to go I added some water in here and then I'm gonna add the blueberries I don't know I have probably about a cup of blueberries in there they are rinsed ready to go and I pulled the stems off that's important because nobody wants to eat stems I don't eat it's done so I don't want to feed my baby stems right so I'm gonna add them in here to the peaches just for a couple of minutes and let them boil like and then I'm gonna turn it down to simmer because I don't want to cook the crap out of them because then they're not gonna have any flavor all right so as you can see it's this lovely green color which is fantastic because that means that there's a lot of spinach in there which is exactly what I wanted because girlfriend doesn't like her veggies so I'm gonna change this to today's date and just pull it up pull it up last we're gonna blend up the blueberries and peaches I added a little bit of water unless I make it happen look I'm like get making shots or something here like I would even know like I've ever even made a shot before okay and then this is the handy dandy little baby bullet freezer silicone thing and I love it and you can buy these individually on Amazon if you don't have the baby bullet and I pop them in the freezer and then they easily pop right out when they're when you want to use them and then this guy I'm going to fill up with this peach blueberry blend cover these up all right that is a week plus worth of baby food and it was so easy took me like I don't know maybe thirty minutes when it's all said and done once you get the hang of it and you really get in a groove with what you're gonna do it goes really fast and like that it's done the week it's totally done another thing that I love to have on hand for her is barley that's just a grain that that we enjoy mattaniah is high in fiber it's really good for you so we do make a lot of barley for her as well and we do oatmeal every morning if you want to find out about what type of oatmeal listen to our episode of Hello Baby podcast because we went through the different meals and which one we thought to be the cleanest and best option for her I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to see more of these like more baby recipes because I do make other things either just three that I was making this week that I thought I'd share with you whoa girl friend down again if you want to see more recipes from me let me know in the comments section below I make I do this every Sunday so it's easy for me to just film this for you guys so just let us know don't forget to visit me on my blog angelo lantern calm and again check out our podcast Halloweeny podcast it's available on iTunes stitcher I Heart Radio and Spotify and on my blog it's everywhere alright guys thank you so much for watching and I love y'all so much or a wha

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