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How To Make Bacon 4 Ways | Delish Insanely Easy



– Bacon: don't really like it Don't know why people make it

(buzzer sounds) – Sup guys? We're makin' bacon today I'm gonna show you a few different ways to prepare bacon We're gonna do it on the stove top, in the oven and also in the microwave for all you lazy people Let's make this bacon! I have my baking sheet here lined with a foil just for easy cleanup Bacon will lose a lot of fat in the oven

And then we have a cooling rack in our baking sheet because that will allow the bacon to crisp on both sides as opposed to just one Plus, if you're baking on a baking sheet and all the fat is rendering out the bacon's just going to be sitting in its own fat So it's nice to have something to like let the fat drip down Depending on how you like your bacon, you might want to bake this for just like 15 minutes if you like it a little bit chewier I like my bacon really crunchy so I'll probably do it somewhere around like 25 minutes

But we'll check it at 20 just to make sure it's doin' okay This oven is preheated to 400 We'll just put it in the middle rack and let it do its thing This is a great hands-off method, especially if you wanted to do like 20 pieces of bacon at a time This is definitely the best way to do it

We have two identical pans here One is being preheated and one is cold So we're gonna test and see which method gives us crispier, more delicious bacon So the idea is if we start our bacon in a cold pan we'll give our bacon ample time to render that fat out and it'll be crisp and cooked perfectly all the way through (bacon sizzles) Let's start it in the hot pan

The nice thing about starting in a hot pan is that you get that immediate gratification of that sizzle Such a good sound Now that we got that one going I'm gonna put our other bacon in the cold pan And now, I can turn on the heat Smells like bacon! It's interesting these have shrunk so much more already too

Ready to flip these guys These guys definitely shrunk really fast when I put 'em in the pan Which means that some of these edges got a little extra crispy because they were really the only ones touching the pan I think these guys are pretty much done honestly I'm gonna transfer them to a plate lined with paper towels

They look okay Burnt part, perfectly cooked part, and there's a little bit of like fatty, uncooked part So we're not getting a very even cook on these Meanwhile, we just flipped these And they're looking pretty good

This little guy was a little too thin and it got a little bit too dark But these two are looking really nice The slice that didn't bunch the most is still quite a bit smaller than the ones we started in the cold pan These guys are good to go So a little pro tip: if you wanna save your bacon fat, which you really should because it's great for cooking, you can make eggs in it, you can roast veggies with it, you can do all sorts of stuff with it

You wanna strain it, just to get out any of the burnt bits of the bacon which can taste a little bit bitter So it's been 20 minutes It looks so evenly cooked It's like kinda crazy actually They didn't scrunch, they stayed flat

And they look really good so I'm gonna put these on a paper towel and plate as well I mean the fat looks like it's been perfectly rendered out You can barely see what part of the bacon was fat and what part was meat This is something I've never tried before I learned this on thekitchen

com They have a method for microwaving bacon and I really wanna give it a shot I have my doubts but I'm really curious I've lined a baking dish with a few layers of paper towel So I'm just gonna lay it down, not overlapping

The paper towel is supposed to not only absorb the fat but also keep our microwave clean And they said a minute per slice and we have a slice and a half so I'll do a minute 30 on high heat Safety is important Alright (glass clangs) Ooooh, it's so crinkly

It shrunk a lot But it looks done Interesting I don't know how they got so small but they really shrunk It's time for a taste test

(happy music plays) Let's start with the one that I am most skeptical about, the microwave bacon It looks to be honest like it's not gonna be good Does it have snap? Yeah, kinda Actually that was a lot better than I was expecting (crunches) It's crunchy

I feel like the fat did render out pretty nicely Dry, a little bit chewy It's not terrible You don't have any pans or an oven, great way to cook bacon Next, why don't we try our oven cooked bacon

Sadly, it is not crisped up at all It's very flabby It looks really cooked and I think it is really cooked It just didn't really crisp the way it does in the pan Snap? No

It's deceptive because the fat turns brown It could probably have gone even a little bit longer Good for baking a lot at once You're not gonna get the crispness like you would if you were cooking it in a pan but good on a BL

T Perfectly flat Whoo, haven't had this much bacon in a while Our final two contenders: hot pan, cold pan Let's go for hot pan first

That was a pretty good crunch Very crunchy You know, I get it Bacon is good It's just good

Tastes like the bacon of my youth I would say And then this last one Cold pan Mmmm, very crunchy Less oily than the hot pan ones

The fat has definitely rendered out a lot more evenly so it's delicious I think they're both actually great I don't think you can really go wrong with cooking bacon in a pan But I actually think I like the cold pan method better In the comments below let me know what your favorite method for cooking bacon is

Any cool tips on how to make the best bacon ever, I would love to try them out (electronic music)

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