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(Joyful music) (audience clapping) – Hi everybody Welcome to the Yan Can Cook show

Food is an international phenomenon Ever since the beginning of time, people always tried to make food taste better First there came fire, then it came this wok (audience laughing) and then there came television cooking shows (audience laughing) personally, I think many Chinese dishes can cross over to other culture and vice versa

Let us today take an international culinary tour Here, I want to do something I have never done before and just learn it yesterday (audience laughing) I am going to do a Beijing Pizza I started out with this dough Now, you can use any dough of your favorite pizza dough because everybody has different types of dough and use different recipes, but this is very interesting because I try to make it like an onion, Chinese style onion pancake

Okay? All you have to do is start with enough yeast, flour to make a dough Use any recipe Your grandmother's favorite recipe It doesn't make any difference This is from my grandmother

(audience laughing) she live in Italy for 25 years (audience laughing) Now, you start it out and knead it like this Like this Just like you do any The great thing about this, if you don't have time, go to the supermarket and find a frozen dough (audience laughing) this has been frozen and we defrost it last year (audience laughing) Okay Go like this

Go like this I went to a pizza place to practice and have exciting experience And then you pull it and you pull it and you pull it Now, this is great exercise By the time you've finished, you should be totally exhausted

(audience laughing) Now, and then, you pull it more, pull it more It is a lot of fun to fool around with this thing (audience laughing) And then, after you're ready, (audience laughing) don't worry, if you've got holes you can see people (audience laughing) (audience cheers and claps) (audience screams) Oh my goodness (audience clapping) Can I have it back? Can I have it back? But you can keep it

You can keep it over there (audience laughing) Anyway, fortunately, I have a spare one (audience laughing) Now, in order to make it more Chinese, you know what you can do? I apologize (audience laughing) If I do it one more time, people could expect it to land on my nose (audience laughing) Okay

It's very important Now, you want to make it very Chinese This is what you're going to do You'll prime it up and you sprinkle green onion And then you roll it up, and then you roll it

So, what you have is a tiny bit of salt and green onion Then you make it into little green onion pancake Of course, when the Chinese do it, they also add a tiny bit of lard You can add a tiny bit of vegetable shortening When this is done, you roll it up, you roll it out

Then, I'm going to show you the ingredient I'm going to use Since we've got six million people in audience, (audience laughing) we're going to make 4500 of these Now, here, I'm going to start out with some exotic ingredients We have oriental mushroom, which is straw mushroom and I cut it in half like this, set aside, put one over here, one over here And then, I slice some cultivated mushroom

(audience laughing) (audience clapping) set it aside and some Chinese sausage Now, you can slightly poach this a little bit This way, it will get rid of some of the fat, okay? Slice it up, slice it up, slice it up, slice it up, slice up Now, when you rise the dough, it's very, very important to use enough yeast because you want to have the dough rise at least twice as big I started out about this big

Now it's about this big You really need to allow it to rise it up I wish I can do that with my money (audience laughing) Double the size Set it aside

Now, this is how you do it I have a very unique sauce, okay? Here, I have Hoisin sauce I have a quart of a cup of Hoisin sauce, mixed with about half a cup of tomato paste I also have one to two teaspoon of chili sauce, if you want the hot and spicy food Also, I have a touch of sesame seed oil

I put it over here I want to make it into a very unique pizza See, television is exciting, because you get to say anything and do anything you want (audience laughing) The same thing applies to your home When you do it at home, you can do anything you want

See, I have enough sauce for two of these When this is nice and ready, we'll set this aside and layout this nicely Put them on around and around Chinese sausage We call lup cheong

Anybody? Lup cheong Yeah Say it with gusto and excitement Lup cheong – [Audience] Lup cheong

– [Yan] Thank you so much (audience laughing) And then, put a tiny bit of these, a tiny bit of these, green bell pepper, some oriental mushroom which is already soaked and slightly boil So, you stack them around It depends on how much time you have If you don't have time, you go like that

(audience laughing) You have time, you spend two hours just lining them all up (audience laughing) And then, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom And then straw mushroom Where's my straw mushroom? Straw mushroom And then the rest

You say use a spatula, say goodbye (audience laughing) because we need to make another pizza for the lady over there (audience laughing) And then, if you want to make it more exotic, put a tiny bit of chopped cilantro Oh, this is going to be very wonderful The Chinese call it yin sai

That mean originally from the west And then, this cheese You can use any cheese Whatever you like Sprinkle it around

Mozzarella cheese And then, you take it over there, you are going to bake it (audience laughing) Wow Since we've got so many people, (audience laughing) we already have one already baked (audience clapping) See? Wow, look at this

We'll remove these We'll get rid of this so everybody can enjoy this a lot more Then, we use this Italian pizza cutter (audience laughing) One, two, three And then, after that, we can use this Italian spatula (audience laughing) and put it over here, and I am telling you, this looks so good, I am going to eat it myself

(audience laughing) (audience clapping) I enjoy the pizza so much that I actually have two pieces myself Normally I don't eat anything, I cook That's how I stay slim (audience laughing) Anybody knows the price of a whole chicken is always lower than the sum of it's parts, but a lot of people think de-boning a whole chicken is very difficult That is not true

Until you see this, you know how easy it is I want to show you how to use the little Chinese pairing knife to de-bone this sleeping (audience laughing) I call this sleeping beauty

That thing is sleeping (audience laughing) Close your eyes Those at home, please close your eyes for about three seconds (audience laughing) For soup stock, pretend that you have not seen nothing Look

(audience laughing) Stock pot See, the reason is in Chinatown, when you go out to Chinese community, in the orient, when you buy chicken, you buy the whole thing This way, you can save the feet and the head and the neck, everything You put it in your stock pot so there's no waste You go to supermarket, even you cut it off, (mumbles) you still have to pay for it because what are they going to do, hang them around in the living room? (audience laughing) Now, oh, sorry

(audience laughing) I didn't know that this darn thing is a marathon runner Put it over here Remove the fat The fat also have a lot of flavor You don't want to throw them away

So, you put it in the stock pot (audience laughing) Put it here (audience clapping) Wow, I cannot believe it myself Look at this Now, right before that, I gave this little thing a little acupuncture to tenderize the darn thing

Here is the wish bone Here's the breast bone I use this knife, one cut along One side of the breast bone Another cut, very sharp knife

And then you turn it upside down One cut around here, as I always tell people, when you do that, make sure you protect this most delicate portion of the chicken Because, you save two dozen or three dozen of these, you're going to make a dish, my mother's favorite, chicken surprise (audience laughing) Stir fry with celery and snow pea with a tiny bit of oyster sauce Wow, bravo, unbelievable

(audience laughing) Hold onto the wing You see, I'm using my index finger to feel where the joint is and then I want one cut right here You see this? Immediately I can immediately hold onto this and the whole chicken breast, I pull the wing and the whole chicken breast come out Look at this

(audience clapping) Isn't it amazing? See that? Now I put it over here and I put this back, that's a one size piece of chicken here This is one size I use the tip of my knife Go like this One little cut, and then I twist this, you see at this joint and I follow the contour of this, the whole thing comes out, another piece

You see this? Another piece And then, all that is left over is this side Hold onto this and hold onto this little piece, what we call (mumbles) I cut this and the whole thing come out very easily Can you see this? You see how easy? (audience clapping) if Yan can do it, you can too

You do the other side exactly the same way, okay? Hold onto this You want one cut You see how easy it is? The whole thing comes out, and then the whole chicken breast comes out like this And then, the whole side comes out, one size piece chicken, follow the contour and then the whole thing comes out This way, you can do anything you want

And then, the other side, a little cut and then you hold onto the ligament and then the whole thing comes out like this Can you see that? Very easy Put this in the stock pot right here We're going to put it in the stock pot And then, we are going to show you how easily use this Chinese chef knife to quickly remove the ligament

I normally do it right here because my finger's outside of cutting board and I put my knife inside of cutting board and I just push the whole thing, the whole thing comes out like this See that? Isn't that amazing? I am amazed (audience laughing) and then, how easy it is to remove the chicken breast from the skin All I have to do is go like this, the whole thing comes off See that? Isn't that amazing? (audience clapping) and then, we're going to remove these and set this aside because I'm going to save some of these for our stock pot

Now, everybody know, once you use a cutting board for chicken, you should be very careful So, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to remove these and going to set it aside because I'm going to have to wash it, okay? This way, nobody get into trouble Now, the next thing I want to show you is something very exciting I learned this particular dish from my former Spanish room mate, Jose Gonzales (audience laughing) This is what I call chicken paella, Chinese style

Last time, when I was in Spain, okay, this is what you have Some chicken, little drum, you can use a whole chicken leg The whole big piece Depends on how hungry you are If you're not, if you're on a diet, I use the (mumbles), okay? Now, first, you heat up your wok

Make sure to heat this up That's medium high, because you're going to want to brown this, okay? If you want, I already slightly sprinkled a tiny bit of salt and white pepper on this and let it marinate for maybe approximately half an hour to two hours And then, we're going to use a tiny, tiny bit of oil That's all I need You call this a tiny bit? Exactly 1

3745 teaspoon (audience laughing) And then, we're going to brown this when it's hot, okay? We're going to brown this Very hot And then, chop up some garlic and ginger because we want to make it more Chinese Okay? Cut it up

Cut it up Cut it up You can either mince this or you can Julian this (audience laughing) (audience clapping) Okay Put some ginger over here and some, mince it, you see? This is minced

You're going to have a choice of mince or you're going to have a choice of Julian or you can have a choice of crush or you can have a choice of a whole piece (audience laughing) Who cares? I don't care And then, garlic, look at this Very easy We'll put our tiny

We can use one to two clove (audience laughing) Smash it I remember when I went to college, I went down to see, with my roommate, I went to Spain with my roommate Jose

We went to see, he introduced me to two things This is one thing that I want to show you is the paella The second thing is bull fighting But I prefer paella a lot more so than bull fighting It's a lot more peaceful

(audience laughing) Besides, it's much easier It's very difficult to make a living in front of thousands of people You stir fry, stir fry If you worry about it, it might not get cooked What are you going to do? All you have to do is use a tiny, tiny bit of chicken stock

Cover this up and let it cook for a little while Maybe a couple minutes Stir it until they're nice and brown Then, you remove these After that, you remove these, set it aside, okay? Set it aside and you still have enough oil here

In the meantime, we're going to cut up some bell pepper, onion and mushroom For the mushroom, I cut it in half because you don't want to cut it too small And then the onion (audience laughing) I am taking a nap (audience clapping) Set it aside

Don't do it at home (audience laughing) Anybody at home, under the age of 14, do not do it I didn't do it until I was 45 years old (audience laughing) Bell pepper, set it aside, set it aside Cut up

It depends on how much you have And set this all aside Then, we'll turn the heat back on and then we are going to saute everything Bell pepper, onion I have one bell pepper, a small bell pepper and one half of an onion and also about eight to twelve mushroom

And then I also have about two sausage, Chinese sausage or you can use any European sausage You can use Spanish sausage, Italian sausage, no problem at all Stir fry this, stir fry this If it gets a little bit dry, what are you going to do? No problem You are going to use a tiny, tiny bit of broth

And then, when you stir this, until about two or three minutes, until the onion is nice and brown, flavorful And then the sausage, got the flavor out and then, all you have to do is put rice, long grain rice, put the long grain rice about one and a half cup of long grain rice, toss a little bit, let the oil and let the flavor from the mushroom and the sausage really well coat the rice so when you cook them, they won't get stuck After a while, you're going to end up having a gigantic paella rise bow (audience laughing) And then, after this, you put this chicken broth and you let it cook Use one portion rice to about one and a half portion of broth

And then, after they're all done, let me set this aside, set this aside, after they're all done, the two more thing that you've got to put it in, put a tiny bit of five spice powder Five spice powder in China is called (foreign language) Anybody? (foreign language) That's terrible (audience laughing) I should teach you guys Spanish instead

(audience laughing) Ole – [Audience] Ole – Yes Ole (audience laughing) Curry powder with a touch of five spice (foreign language) give that nice color, give it an oriental touch

And then, cover this up After you cover this up, when it's almost done in about 15, 20 minutes, then you lay out all these bamboo shoot Look at this Put it on top, shrimp already deveined and also snow peas, line them all up nicely Also, I have some already cooked prawn

You can use mussel or prawn How can you tell it's done? When it open up like this it's done If it's not opened up, the darn thing is dead (audience laughing) Put all of these right over there and when it's done, it would look so gorgeous Let me remove these because

(audience laughing) Wow, tough to make a living (audience laughing) When it's done, it would look like this Look at this

How gorgeous Isn't that beautiful? (audience clapping) From my roommate, Jose Gonzales Now, how do you like this wonderful paella that my roommate, Jose Gonzales show me? The next one I want to show you is something just as exciting, is a teng shin trifle It's very unique, it's a wonderful dessert Here, instead of using the regular big cake, sponge cake which you normally bake, this is a steam cake

Everybody know, not all cakes are big This is actually steam in the bamboo steamer In China, it's called, (foreign language) Steaming gives that nice moist texture It is also a very nice way to give your oven a little break

(audience laughing) Now, I have a little trifle dish here Look at this I'm going to use this (audience laughing) Musical Chinese cooking is so musical, I can't believe it

Now, first of all, you are going to get the sauce ready because you want to make sure you make the apricot sauce here I want to show everybody what I have here I have about two cups of apricot, canned apricot or fresh apricot I have a quarter cup of apricot preserved About quarter of a cup of candied ginger, a tiny bit of vanilla, beans and also, quarter of a cup of brandy, apricot brandy

This dessert is definitely for adults only Nobody under 18 allowed to try this dessert (audience laughing) and then, I'm going to make the sauce, okay? We're going to put everything here, all the sauce This is the apricot preserve Put it over here

Tiny bit of plumb sauce Two tablespoon of plumb sauce, to three tablespoon of plumb sauce Or you can use quarter of a cup Doesn't make any difference whatsoever And then use a tiny, tiny bit of candied ginger, okay? Give a very nice touch

And then you heat this up Okay Heat this up and make sure to stir it and to stir it Okay Why are you doing this? We're going to heat this up and make sure they're heat up

Do not heat up too much, because if you heat up too much, it will mess up everything Okay? Because you boil over, then you end up making a mess So, make sure, this is how you fill it, when I have all this ready I cut a little cake and put this in the very bottom You see? A little cake right here

Please come, don't embarrass me (audience laughing) Put this in the very bottom like this And then, fill it up with more if you don't have enough One, two You can do anyway you want

Nobody really cares (audience laughing) You see? You can create your own design And then, you put the apricot around like this One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine I am running out of patience

I should have done this two years ago (audience laughing) And then, put the preserve, sprinkle the preserve around Look at how gorgeous preserve Okay? And then, use the cream You just keep on doing it

This is kind of fun (audience laughing) And then, after you finish, you continue to lay another layer of cake Look perfect (audience laughing) Except I ran out (audience clapping) When we run out, all you have to do is fill it up with this and then, in the very, very top, you line up some mandarin orange and then, it will look like this

I want to show you something I have done earlier because this is going to be wonderful Oh, I got so excited about dessert Absolutely wonderful (audience clapping) Can you believe this? Now, after this, you've got to put it in the fridge and let the brandy, apricot brandy, the mango of the cake and get it richer, more flavorful flavor and make it a much more spirit dessert (audience laughing) As you can see from today's show, good cooking knows national boundary, the cuisine of the world will be much richer and much better if we learn to mix our bravos and our oles

This is Martin Yan saying, ciao everybody, if Yan Can Cook, so can you “Goodbye!” (再见!) (audience clapping) (Joyful music)

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