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How to make Cheesy omelette with Mushrooms//चीसी मशरुम आमलेट//চেয়েসি মাশরুম অমলেট



to friends welcome back to my channel cooking with dimples do subscribe my channel and don't forget to press the bell icon this is called cheesy omelette with mushrooms very quick and simple breakfast recipe or even you can serve this as a quick snack in the evening so delicious to eat and definitely the kids enjoy it a lot as here so if you like you can omit cheese do share my recipes with your friends and families and leave a comment this dish is very quick to make in the early morning breakfast especially my kids go early in the morning 6:20 they leave my home so it's very easy to make then two eggs for two omelettes 1/2 onion chopped white oil for cooking you can even use olive oil sliced mushrooms bell peppers here I have used the red one it's sweeter in taste salt to taste and pepper powder and of course the key ingredient is cheese you can use any cheese of your choice so this is the regular processed cheese I'm using here take a nonstick pan and add some oil heat the oil properly and then add the chopped onions saute it for a few seconds and then add the bell peppers continue to stir and then add mushrooms so all goes in together saute it but it should not turn soft so be careful with it now add salt to taste so very little salt goes in add pepper powder to taste if your kids are eating and if they are too small just balance the pepper powder but it goes very well in this type of omelets so this will take a minute to saute you can use olive oil you can use butter you can even mix oil and butter now add the egg so I have beaten the egg and poured it in the pan remember one thing if you see your eggs are breaking just add little bit like 1/2 teaspoon of flour but here I have not added any flour so you have to handle it very carefully but if it's difficult you can add very little flour in that beaten egg beat it properly so that there are no lumps and then added back to the pan cover it with a lid so that it cooks properly and evenly after half a minute open the lid and you can see your omelette is almost ready to be served so just before turning it over I will add some grated cheese I will grate the cheese on top of this so the more cheese you add the more tasty this omelette is obviously that you can balance be very careful while turning it off over so you have to handle it very carefully so you can see this looks really very colorful and tasty and smell of the cheese is coming it's like really so mouth-watering so now ready to be served same day I will make another armlet mushroom has a meaty smell and it goes very well in this type of omeletts and this way it you can feed kids some mushrooms they are very healthy if you do not have mushrooms you can add grated paneer in this or even par boiled chicken I will show those some other day so let's see so another omelette is almost ready this dish is ready to be served so I made this for breakfast but it goes very well in this monsoon in the evening snack also so friends do try this recipe and let me know in my comment section about the dish and if you have any queries or any other dish you want me to make particularly I will definitely try to show if I know that see you soon with some other recipe happy cooking friends

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