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How To Make Chicken Breast On The Stove And Oven [Beginners Recipe Guide]



Today, I'm going to share with you how to make chicken breasts on the stove and then finish it in the oven because everyone needs a classic, juicy chicken recipe in their back pocket And today you'll learn how to make chicken breasts as simple as possible

So I'm going to get right into it and show you how to go from raw chicken breasts to cook chicken that you could even tap at the end with something like mushrooms I'll leave a link for you for sauteed mushrooms below this video And you can even top it with cheese I'll tell you how so let's get right into it The first thing you're going to do is add the olive oil to the pan, and this is gonna be a nonstick pan, and you're going to set the heat to medium high

You add the chicken to the pan Once the oil is getting shiny and hot, so carefully, add the chicken breast to the pan and make sure that they're spread out enough that there's room in between the pieces of chicken You don't want them to be touching So use a large enough pan So here I'm doing three chicken breasts and the pan is a large size

It's maybe a foot wide So the chicken starts cooking in the pan for about three minutes And this one side that's cooking The chicken is going to get Brown Now I didn't get a chance to season the chicken before throwing it in

You could season it before, but I seasoned it right in the pan for this particular recipe So on goes the salt, regular pepper And then I realized that I had delicious smoked pepper from this company that I worked with when I was promoting the Sous Vide Home Chef's cookbook that I'll leave a link for below So this Hickory smoked black pepper is so delicious They were awesome

Um, to let me try it So on goes that smoked salt, which is going to taste really delicious because also this chicken is going to have a squeeze of lime just to give it some extra flavor I had those recipes in the, or those ingredients in the fridge So I thought, Hey, why not add them on to this dinner? But you could also use a squeeze of lime or anything like that Oh, and I forgot a couple other spices went on

Some paprika went on and then the fresh lime juice and Fresh Lime juice is always better than using store-bought lime juice because it doesn't have all those preservatives in it I really just haven't found any comparable lime juice that you can buy from the grocery store So once this one side is done cooking after about three minutes, it should be Brown, but leave it on longer if it hasn't Brown yet So after the one side has started cooking Browning, it doesn't have to be cooked all the way through or anything You're just searing the outside of the chicken

So then it's time to flip the chicken over So the bottom can cook and there shouldn't still be a little bit of oil left in the bottom of the pan, as you can see But if the chicken is sticking to the bottom of the pan, quite a lot, you could add one of water Now, if you're using a nonstick pan, like I am here, that shouldn't be much of an issue And like I said, there still should be some oil left in the pan

I forgot to see them that side So, you know, it's never truly, if you're a busy person, like I am, I had about 20 minutes to make this dinner So I needed to, you know, with a baby, you need to be stuck on a schedule sticking to a schedule And so anyways, it's time to flip that chicken again But what I did because my pan was starting to get really hot and dry, the oil had dried up is I added one tablespoon of water

So on the final flip of the chicken and one tablespoon of water, because your pan will probably be very dry at that part So a few minutes go by and the evaporation of the water has happened And when that water evaporates, it's time to put a digital thermometer If you have one on a string like that into the chicken and then put the chicken into the oven and you can use any store of thermometer system, you have, I just love this one that has the cord that goes outside the oven So you cook the chicken until it's done

If you're using this sort of thermometer, it's going to beep when the chicken is done cooking, when it reaches the internal temperature of 165, which is the temperature you need to cook the chicken too, and then carefully have to take out that digital thermometer cord I'll leave a link for the digital thermometer in this post for you So you can check it out But it's definitely a staple kitchen tool in my house So this chicken is looking absolutely beautiful

You have to just be really careful when taking it out of the oven because the handle is going to be hot So around our house, we always leave a pot holder on the handle And now this is a bonus it's completely optional, but you can add some cheese to the chicken and stick it back in the oven for one minute or until the cheese melts So this is a Mexican blend cheese because I was going with the flavors with the, uh, fresh lime and the, then I threw something spicy in there I forget it now

But anyways, so all of that cheese just melts in the pan on the chicken, and then the chicken is ready to use So for this particular day, we day stepped the chicken and added it to Hawaiian rolls and added barbecue sauce and Buffalo sauce We set them up as little baby sliders So there's so much you can do with chicken like this You could just serve it with a salad

You could serve it on the side of something like a Italian stuffed peppers, and I'll leave a link for that in this post as well But there are so many delicious ways to enjoy chicken if you up the seasonings, or if you use different cheeses or finished with different herbs at the end So don't hesitate to be creative when it comes to cooking chicken breasts this way, but this is a super, super easy demonstration of cooking chicken breast, fast cooking, an easy chicken dinner recipe for a weeknight Don't forget to subscribe to the sip bite go channel on YouTube for more recipes If you love this video on how to make chicken breasts on the stove, you should try this other recipe I have for how to make pizza with frozen crust

I think it's really important to be able to pull off a delicious dinner any night of the week Sometimes you just need to, after a long, busy day, so having some frozen pizza crust in the freezer makes it possible to make an easy pizza any night of the week It's another super easy recipe you can find sipbitegocom or on the sip bite go YouTube channel Well until next time, I hope that you have a wonderful and delicious day, cheers

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